Programming Architecture for Livable Cities & Spaces with Chenthur Raaghav Naagendran | AG 21

Programming Architecture for Livable Cities

In this episode, you will get to hear the story of Architect Chenthur Raaghav Naagendran and how his passion for Research & Design propelled him to do great things in a short span of time.

A Coimbatore based Architect who completed his Bachelor of Architecture from School of Architecture & Planning, Anna University Chennai, where his passion for Aural Architecture was built through his thesis. He then went on to do Masters in Advanced Architecture from the Institute of Advanced Architecture Catalonia in Barcelona, where he explored the ideas of material, research, and design computation that harmoniously culminated in a thesis about Graphene and its Architectural Application in flexible skin for Architecture and its variants with Best Responsive Architecture Award 2015-2016. 

During Under-graduation, his inquisitiveness in exploring radical design ideas and articulating architectural spaces, encouraged him to participate on various national level competitions and had won him the National Award 1st prize for best innovative use of steel in Architecture. Apart from his academic excellence, he also gained practical training from Architectural offices in Bangalore, Chennai, and Barcelona.

Furthermore, he learned nuances of Research and Digital Fabrication when he closely worked with Indian Institute of Technology Professor for his Under Graduate Thesis – On Aural Architecture and AA Visiting School Workshop with Shajay Bhooshan from Zaha Hadid Architects to fabricate challenging Steel Shell Structures with curve folding as the basic design concept and study on active forces on the structure.

2:00 How Raaghav got into Architecture?
5:40 Studying in School of Architecture & Planning (SAP) Anna University, Chennai.
6:40 Urban Noise – The Blog & the Facebook Page

Connecting Computational Methods & how MIT helped him understand his thesis is better.

“It’s so alarming. There are around 2 Billion deaths according to WHO because of Urban Noise. As Urban Designers & Architects, we have the responsibility to address these issues”

9:00 Importance of Reaching Out. 
10:00) Soundscape Experience Installation during Thesis.  

 “It’s not about just computational techniques. It’s not about designing a software. It’s about the experience at the end of the day.”

 “My thesis was born out of Data”

13:30 “When you do something away from the conventional, you have to do twice the amount of data collection and twice the amount of work.”
15:00 Getting into IAAC 

Getting inspired by Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona
16:00 Internet of Things (IOT) in Architecture
19:00 3D Printing Hubs in Barcelona
20:30 Summer Breaks at Facebook, Google & Apple Headquarters
22:00 Sci-Arc Exchange Program & meetings with Ben Van Berkel
24:00 Robotic Fabrication in Architecture / Kuka Robotics
27:00 Human Collaborative Robots
28:50 Architects getting into AI & Machine Learning (Stuttgart)
29:50 Parametric Real-Time

 “We can form a dialogue between Building Materials, Cities & Technology.”

“We have smartphones which are dynamic. But our Cities & Buildings are just static.”

32:00 Importance of the Graphene Material / Greg Lynn
36:00 Digital Matter & Research at IAAC
Working with Coffee Extracts for Building Skins
37:30 Studio to Real-World 
42:00 Bringing back what we learn from Masters to India
43:00 Perks of doing Masters in Architecture / Publishing Research Papers in Acadia
46:00 Future Plans / the TEDx Talk / Providing Affordable Housing for the Homeless / Virtual Reality Lab
“My philosophy is that there is a never a point where you finish learning.”
49:00 Research Workshops – How 1st years & 2nd years can learn parametric design
51:30 Time Management 
54:00 Helping students with the Archgyan Podcast

Urban Noise – Sound & Architecture Blog 

Daniel Piker’s Plugins & Codes 
Mark Burry – Sagrada Familia Architect 
Pedestrian Neighbourhood in Barcelona FAB Lab – Smart Citizen Kits 
3D Printers from Ultimaker
2- Axis & 3- Axis Digital Fabrication Tools
6-Axis Robotic Digital Fabrication
Teaching a Robot how to Pick the Correct Object – MIT Research
Responsive Architecture with Graphene
Carbon Fiber used on Boats & Sails – Greg Lynn 
Furniture that senses Body temperature & Adapts 

Robotic Fabrication

1) Diverge Pavilion
2) Clay Phriends
3) Thesis Project
Interface Development: Virtual Reality App & User Interaction

3D Printing Uncooked Clay Wall

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