Architecture of Purpose with James Law | AG 54

James Law

Architecture of Purpose In this episode we have with us the founder of Cybertecture, James Law. Cybertecture is the design of all things for a more intelligent world through new pieces of architecture, interior space, artwork, technology, and strategy. He established James Law Cybertecture in 2001 and they’ve gone on to complete projects of various […]

Content Creation in Architecture ft. Michael Lavalley AG | 53

Michael Lavalley AG|53

Content Creation in Architecture In this episode we have with us an Architect, Writer, Web Designer, teacher, podcaster and entrepreneur, Michael Lavalley. Mike is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and a LEED AP. He’s currently an architect and project manager at Young + Wright Architects and he specializes in Architectural Design, […]

Benny Kuriakose – On His Initial Experiments with Architecture Part 2| AG 51

This is part 2 of our two part series with Dr. Benny Kuriakose, a leading sustainable Architect from India. In this episode we talk more about vernacular architecture, architectural conservation, Architectural Education and we address questions like “Do we really need to study for 5 years to become an Architect” ? How to improve the […]

Benny Kuriakose – On His Initial Experiments with Architecture Part 1 | AG 50

Benny Kuriakose On his Initial Experiments with Architecture | AG 50

In this week’s episode we have with us one of India’s leading sustainable architects Dr. Benny Kuriakose. Benny Kuriakose started his career in 1984 under the guidance of Laurie Baker. He specializes in architecture conservation,low-cost housing and sustainable architecture. He incorporates principles of vernacular architecture with a concept reflecting his client’s aspirations with the use […]

Journey of a Sustainable Architect in India with Vinu Daniel | AG 26

Journey of a Sustainable Architect in India wit Vinu Daniel | AG 26

Podcast Shownotes 03:00 How Vinu got into Architecture?05:00 Experience studying Architecture in College of Engineering, Trivandrum“The best part of being in College was that I was in the vicinity of a master Architect, Laurie Baker.”07:45 His experience at Auroville10:40 Vinu’s first project – “A Wall”13:30 How Wallmakers got their name?14:30 Being poor and how he […]

Sanjay Patil: Being Passionately Curious as an Architect | AG 13

Archgyan Sanjay Patil

  Being Passionately Curious as an Architect Sanjay Patil is a renowned Architect from Nashik Maharashtra and heads a award-winning firm called Environ Planners. He graduated from JJ School of Architecture in the 80s and went on to start his own practice soon after. He has always believed in being passionately curious and embracing sustainability […]