Being a Digital Nomad Architect with Shelly Agam | AG 22

Shelly Agam Archgyan    What is a Digital Nomad and how do you get started as one, why remote work is the future of work and a whole host of other questions get answered by a Digital Nomad Architect from Israel, Shelly Agam.      Born and brought up in Israel, Shelly Agam is an Architect who […]

Kaarwan : Empowering Architecture through Travel | AG 17

Kaarwan Empowering Architecture through Travel

  Kaarwan – Empowering Architecture through Travel Kaarwan is an Architectural Travel Initiative started by a pool of graduates from the Architecture & Planning departments of IIT Roorkee in 2014. They have been curating 10-15 days itineraries and hands-on workshops, domestic and outside India focusing on two schools of thought – “what we are taught in the […]

AG 01 Life of a Mexican Architect with Ariadna Lopez


On the very first episode of the Archgyan Podcast, we talk to Ariadna Lopez from Mexico.  She makes it a point to take a break from work every year to travel to a new country and she visited India last month where we got talking about Architecture and all aspects surrounding it. She gives great tips […]