Renewate, Startups and more with Debashree Ghatak | AG 58

Debashree Ghatak

Renewate – Debashree Ghatak Debashree Ghatak is the Co-Founder of ReNEWate and an architect with 12+ years of experience of working with top Architecture firms and Real Estate developers.  She is passionate about imbibing new-age technologies into architecture, construction and property renovation to leverage their benefits and make day-to-day tasks for the AEC Industry easier.  […]

Journey towards a Multi-Skilled Designer & more with Newton D’Souza | AG 57

Journey towards a Multi-Skilled Designer & more with Newton D'Souza | AG 57

In this episode, we have with us Architect & Professor Newton D’Souza who is presently an Associate Professor for the Department of Interior Architecture, at Florida International University in Miami. He’s been part of our industry for more than 20 years & written numerous research papers, special issue journals and books which have been published […]

Architecture of Purpose with James Law | AG 54

James Law

Architecture of Purpose In this episode we have with us the founder of Cybertecture, James Law. Cybertecture is the design of all things for a more intelligent world through new pieces of architecture, interior space, artwork, technology, and strategy. He established James Law Cybertecture in 2001 and they’ve gone on to complete projects of various […]

Journey of an Interior Designer with Ajinkya Dhumal | AG 28

Journey of an Interior Designer with Ajinkya Dhumal

Journey of an Interior Designer Today we have the founder of Infinity Designs, Ajinkya Dhumal, who is an industry veteran in the Interior Design field with over 15+ years of experience and who has completed over 1000+ projects. Some of his landmark projects have been Anu Aga Residence, Jai Raj House and Ladkat house. Infinity […]

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