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Renewate - Debashree Ghatak

Debashree Ghatak is the Co-Founder of ReNEWate and an architect with 12+ years of experience of working with top Architecture firms and Real Estate developers. 

She is passionate about imbibing new-age technologies into architecture, construction and property renovation to leverage their benefits and make day-to-day tasks for the AEC Industry easier. 

She is a strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Architecture – B.Arch focused in Architecture from Mumbai University. Before Establishing ReNEWate, Debashree has worked on projects of all scales ranging from furniture design to master planning.


In her current role as the Co-Founder of Renewate, Debashree is determined to build the company as India’s only platform for designers and contractors by leveraging technology and domain expertise to help professionals & consumers.


Podcast Shownotes

00:00 – Introduction 
03:03 – How she got into Architecture
04:16 – Her journey in architecture school
07:21 – Her journey as a freelance architect
09:26 – How the idea of a startup was conceived
10:55 – The transition
13:37 – The failures and consistency
15:38 – About ReNEWate
18:29 – The process/service provided
20:16 – Company’s statistics and how it’s been during the lockdown
22:36 – What cities do they cater to
23:37 – How to keep track of the varied rates in market?
24:24 – How a startup runs?
25:55 – How funding works for startups?
27:37 – How important is it for an architect to branch out?
31:42 – Demonstration Of Process
34:43 – How does a patent work?
36:44 – Most challenging project worked on/successful project.
38:20 – BIM for ReNEWate
39:14 – Future Plans For ReNEWate
40:00 – Time Management
44:08 – Advice for Young Architects
47:51 – Who inspired her?
49:20 – Favorite City
51:31 – Daily Routine in Debashree’s life.
52:25 – Recommended Books
54:42 – Thank you

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