Business of Architecture with Madhu Kuruvilla | AG 20

Business of Architecture

In this episode, you will get to hear the story of Architect Madhu Kuruvilla and his views on the Business of Architecture in India.

We dwell on a whole host of topics such as how to start a firm, how to register your firm, scope of work, time management, building your contacts, importance of social media, importance of knowing basic Vastu as an Architect and a whole lot more.

Madhu Kuruvilla completed his Bachelor of Architecture from Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur and then went on to work a renowned Architect in Bangalore, Nikki Thomas. 

He then joined Kabir Hira Architects, wherein he worked for almost 6 years before starting his own practice. He has since completed over 75+ built projects ranging from Residences, Interiors, Hospitality, Commercial, and Retail. 

He believes in living in the present and working hard.

2:00 How Madhu Kuruvilla got into Architecture?
3:40 Studying in SIT Tumkur
4:45 Joining Training with a renowned Architect in Bangalore, Architect Nikki Thomas.
5:55 Joining Kabir Hira Architects – a renowned Architecture firm in Bangalore. Handling your own projects and becoming a workaholic
8:15 Being the office boy!
10:15 Taking a two month break from work and contemplating what to do next.
12:00 Working 12 hours a day
Part II
13:30 Business of Architecture 
How much do you charge a client?
15:30 What was the scope of work given to clients?
16:30 What was the type of projects that he started with?
17:20 How did you build your contacts?
18:30 How do you start off working as an Independent Architect? And working out of his garage.
20:00 When do you decide to hire people?
21:30 How do you decide a timeframe or timeline for a project?
22:40 Taking a retainer before you start the project.
23:50 Taking up Interior Design Projects as an Architect.
25:00 The importance of social media in running an Architecture firm.
30:50 The importance of knowing Vastu as an Architect in India.
34:00 Time management for Architects
38:00 Managing time with clients
41:00 Getting associated with builders as an Architect.
42:30 Preparing an estimate for your client
46:00 Registrations required to practice as an Architect in India.
49:00 Registering your Architecture firm or company.
50:00 Filing taxes as an Architect
51:00 Completing about 75 projects and his favourites.
55:30 Future plans for Madhu Kuruvilla Architects
59:00 Craze for biking and weekend bike rides

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