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Digital Nomad Architect

   What is a Digital Nomad and how do you get started as one, why remote work is the future of work and a whole host of other questions get answered by a Digital Nomad Architect from Israel, Shelly Agam. 

    Born and brought up in Israel, Shelly Agam is an Architect who completed her Bachelor of Architecture from Istanbul and then went on to work for Architecture firms for over a period of 8 years. Frustrated with the kind of work and work culture in Architecture firms, she quit and decided to pursue her passion which was Travel. It was during this transition phase that she came across the term ‘Digital Nomad’ and decided to pursue earning and living on the go full time. She has since traveled to over 21+ countries and is now presently at Turkey living the location independent lifestyle.

She takes us through her entire amazing journey and shares what it takes to become a Digital Nomad Architect aka DNA. This is definitely the future of work and we are already heading towards this direction. Tune in to this episode for more and one day, you too will live this lifestyle!


01:47 Studying Architecture in Israel
03:32 Getting into Architecture School in Israel
04:00 Military Education in Israel
05:35 Architecture Thesis in Israel – “Urban Decay”
06:35 Working with Revit in the first firm
08:35 What is a “Digital Nomad”?
10:30 How Shelly became a Digital Nomad Architect?
16:00  Where to go after you become location independent?
18:00 Digital Marketing
19:30 Camping & Staying at Airbnbs
24:00  Is this the future of work? 
25:00  Could Architects also work remotely? 
27:00 Did you get to work on local projects overseas as an Architect? 
29:45 What advice would you to give someone who wants to become a Digital Nomad Architect?31:30 Have you tried other income streams as a Digital Nomad? 
34:00 Traveling with her Dog ‘Blonda’  
36:00 Quick Fire Round 
37:30  “If it is your dream to combine travelling and still do Architecture, I really believe it is possible.”

Shelly Agam is a Digital Nomad Architect who is presently (as of December 2019) traveling in Turkey.  She completed her Bachelor of Architecture from Israel Institute of Technology in 2013 and worked for various firms before venturing out to start her own practice. It was during this phase that she stumbled across being a Digital Nomad and decided to purse her passion which was “Travel”

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