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The Importance of Content Creation in the Digital Age

In this episode we have with us the founder of Archea, Utsav Kamboj. She is a graduate from Lovely Professional University, Punjab, where she completed her B. Arch. And later pursued her masters in urban design from Sushant School of Art and Architecture.  

She has two companies to her credit. One being Utsav Kamboj and the other being Archea. Utsav Kamboj has worked in content creation and curates content that helps budding architects and interior designers kickstart their career. And Archea is an educational platform that provides online courses for architectural students and architects to enhance their skills promising a successful career. 

In this episode, she talks about her journey in architecture, how she transitioned to content creation, how social media aided the growth of her company, about archea and utsav kamboj, how young architects can make a shift into this field and much more.


Archea –


Podcast Shownotes

00:00 – Introduction
03:13 – How she got into Architecture
04:19 – Her experience in architecture school
07:03 – Professional Career
08:30 – Her Journey into Content Creation
13:52 – Content Creation on social media
17:36 – Using her name as a brand
19:38 – How to generate revenue out of content creation
21:31 – Importance of building an audience
22:11 – How to cope with burnout
25:09 – Idea behind Archea and its future
28:41 – How to enroll into the Archea membership program
31:47 – How to pitch your work
33:20 – Platform on which the membership program is established
34:00 – Future plans
35:15 – How do she take a break from her busy schedule
38:51 – Who she gets inspiration from social media
40:05 – Tools for content creation
42:57 – Growth of architecture education in the next few years
46:40 – Utsav’s Daily Routine
48:19 – Recommended Books
50:04 – Advice to young architects
51:55 – Favorite Architects
52:23 – Favorite contemporary architects 52:37 – Thank You

Recommended Books

The One Thing
Big Leap
Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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