Virtual Reality for the AEC Industry with Gautam Tewari – Founder of Trezi – Ep #55

Virtual Reality in Architecture - Trezi

In this episode we have with the co-founder of Trezi, a Virtual Reality Platform – Gautam Tewari.


He is a LEED-accredited professional. Trezi is India’s first VR Platform for the Building Industry. It’s a product that is now solving the challenges faced by a large number of stakeholders in the Building industry, using immersive technology and the power of Virtual Reality. They have won quite a few awards in the Startup Field.

Featured in the Top 3 “Startup of the Future”by NDTV Unicorn Awards 2016, winner of the League of 10-Emerge50 products of the year 2018 by NASSCOM and won the NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards 2019 in the ‘immersive category’ to name a few.

Gautam is a graduate from the UNSW, where he did his masters in Construction Management. He has a global experience of over 20 years in the architecture and design industry. Apart from that he’s passionate about cricket, a long-distance runner, fitness enthusiast, and an avid reader.

In this episode, he talks about his initial journey into the startup scenario, the potential of VR in the building industry, how an Architect can be involved in immersive technology and a whole lot more!


Podcast Shownotes

00:00 – Introduction 
04:14 – How he got into Architecture? 
06:27 – Architecture playing a big role as a startup founder 
08:11 – The Startup Idea 
11:16 – Possibility to build your firm whilst being employed
13:05 – Journey of Trezi 
22:56 – How to build a team for an innovative startup 
26:35 – Skillset prior to starting his firm 
28:09 – Trezi being a Product 
29:35 – How different are rendering software when compared to Trezi 
34:13 – Client having more control of design than an architect 
36:31 – Will the product transcend into other industries 
38:05 – Integration of BIM and Trezi 
41:15 – Clients fail to pay on time 
43:27 – Platform where all building technology comes together 
46:54 – Architects getting into coding & computational thinking 
48:31 – Increase ROI for Architects 
49:09 – Future Goals 
51:15 – Mentors in Life 
54:19 – Daily Routine 
58:34 – Favorite Architects 
01:01:40 – Advice for young architects 
01:04:34 – Thank you

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