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Whether you’ve just entered the BIM space or you’ve been in the industry for long, a BIM certification accelerates your career and helps you gain a competitive edge over fellow professionals.

There are plenty certifications offered by these organizations, so keep reading on to find the best certification in accordance to your level of expertise.

Acquire advanced skills and open the door to new career opportunities

Advantages of Certification

  • Acquire advance skillset
  • Earn recognition for your expertise
  • Gain a competitive edge in the field
  • Dive into an ocean of new career opportunities

BIM certifications for Individuals offered by organizations are stated below :

1. Bre Academy

Bre BIM Certification | Archgyan

It’s mainly for candidates to demonstrate their application of the BIM process. It’s in alignment with the appropriate international standards. The pre-requisites required for an individual are as follows:

  • Stage 1 – BIM ISO 19650 – Essentials
  • Stage 2 – BIM ISO 19650 – Delivering Information Management
These course trainings are available online or classroom. Once individuals undertake training and pass the examination, a complete assessment is done in compliance with the scheme requirements.

There are two levels of certifications available for individuals :

  • BIM Informed Professional Certification

    This certification is aimed for policymakers, advisors, educationalists and construction professionals who implement the BIM process.

  • BIM Practitioner Certification

    This certification is aimed for project based construction professionals applying the BIM process.

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2. CanBIM

CanBIM Certification | Archgyan

The certification ensures that industry professionals have attained a level of knowledge & experience that is transferable, relevant, and valuable to employers that are utilizing digital technologies, workflows, and processes. 

They offer 4 levels of certification and requirements for each differ accordingly.

  • CanBIM P1 Certification

    -Pre-Requisites :         None
    -Professional hours : 0-1000 hours – BIM theory                             

  • CanBIM P2 Certification
    -Pre- Requisites :        Must be P1 Certified
    -Professional hours : 0-1000 hours – BIM theory
     0-2000 hours – BIM software                         

  • CanBIM P3 Certification

    -Pre- Requisites :        Must be P2 Certified
    -Professional hours : 2000-3500 hours – BIM management
    2500-6000 hours – BIM software

  • CanBIM CP Certification
    -Pre- Requisites :        Must be P3 Certified
    -Professional hours : 2000-3500 hours – BIM management
     2500-6000 hours – BIM software

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3. Building SMART

Building Smart | Archgyan

Aims to standardise & promote openBIM training content according to international standards & recognition. The individual must attend an approved training from a buildingSMART registered training Provider. 

They offer 2 levels of certification :

  • Foundation Level
    Focuses on the theory of BIM. Designed to satisfy basic knowledge around BIM. It is divided into 9 specific curricula and can be thought of as a separate course each.

  • Practitioner Level
    Focuses on applied learning / practical experience. Aimed at a much higher level of competency. Applicants are required to apply their knowledge in a project environment. It is aligned with ISO 17024. 

    The first product in the Practitioner level is COBie Certified Professional which entails knowledge, application, analysis, evaluation and synthesis.

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4. Autodesk

For candidates who have advanced skills and can solve complex challenges in workflow & design. The certification highlights a comprehensive skill set helping candidates gain a competitive edge. The certification offered :

  • Autodesk Certified Professional

    Basic knowledge of Revit modeling and materials, families, documentation, views and Revit project management.

    An approximate of 1200 hours of real-world Revit software experience in an architectural environment.

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5. Graphisoft

Enables professionals to implement BIM through ARCHICAD and learning how to collaborate with other professionals through standardized information exchange techniques ( openBIM ). The certification offered :

  • GRAPHISOFT Certified Archicad Professional
    -There are no pre-requisites for this certification. Although attending certain ARCHICAD BIM courses is recommended.

    -Assessment will be based on candidate’s proficiency in BIM workflow, project setup, modeling, data management, documentation & collaborations.

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Accelerate your career by earning recognition for your expertise. The above organizations offer training courses in accordance with the certifications offered. 

Acquire in-depth knowledge and be rest assured of gaining a competitive edge in the market!

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