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Being Passionately Curious as an Architect

Sanjay Patil is a renowned Architect from Nashik Maharashtra and heads a award-winning firm called Environ Planners. He graduated from JJ School of Architecture in the 80s and went on to start his own practice soon after. He has always believed in being passionately curious and embracing sustainability in life in order to incorporate sustainability in Architecture as well.


Environ Planners Nashik Maharashtra

The firm was established in 1981 in Nashik as ‘Environ Planners’ by ‘Ar. Sanjay M. Patil’.

Respecting nature has always been an integral element of the firm’s approach. The need of the hour being sustainable development, the firm’s efforts is consciously directed towards application of energy efficient principles to the building design.

Environ Planners are famous for their work in Sustainable Architecture & Design and have garnered various awards and accolades for their exemplary work in this field. Some of which are the nomination for Aga Khan Awards in 2007, Awarded the building of the year by the Builder’s Association Nashik 2003-’ANANDAGANDHA’, and much much more.

Connect with Sanjay Patil & Environ Planners

Notable Projects of Sanjay Patil & Environ Planners


1:30 How Sanjay got into Architecture
3:00 Experience studying in JJ School of Architecture In the 70s and moving to Bombay
“Bombay gave me so many connections with different communities, religions and languages. And that really enriched my personal life and that added to my personality.”
5:15 Starting a firm soon after graduation. And going back to home city Nashik. 
6:40 Setting up a firm in Nashik in the 80s.
“I was not carrying any particular philosophy of design with me. I was open minded and I was open to receive all ideas.”
8:20 Integrating nature into design and working on one of his first projects. The Masani Farm House renovation
10:30 Taking the drafting board on site and making drawings on site
11:30 How Sanjay incorporates sustainability in all his projects? 
12:50 How can Architects incorporate sustainability in their design? And sanjay’s definition of Sustainability
13:40 How the city of Nashik transformed? FSI Pressure and increase in land cost
15:30 Sanjay’s take on Architectural Education in India
“We must now know the performance of a building and that is one of the important aspect during the Architectural Education.”
17:00 I’m a fan of technology and tradition also.
17:40 Need for change in Architectural Education in India
18:35 Favourite projects of Environ Planners. YCMOU Library, Bhujbal Knowledge city, Amity College of Architecture, Sandeep FoundationPawa Farmhouse
19:40 Sanjay’s approach to every project.
“The approach is very simple. The site gives you all the solutions”
21:10 Influence of Vastu in Architecture in India
22:30 Where Architecture is headed in the future
“I’m quite hopeful and I’m quite positive about the future Architecture in India. They’re not really behind style but they are really thinking in grassroots level.”
23:50 Venturing into other fields apart from Architecture
Books that have inspired Sanjay the most 
26:30 Favorite Material
27:00 Favourite Style in Architecture “Contemporary Vernacular”
27:30 Typical day in Sanjay Patil’s Life
“I am passionately curious.”
30:40 Advice to young Architects and future Architects coming up
Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins.

- Mies Van Der Rohe

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