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Journey of an Architectural Comic

Anuj is an architect who graduated from Pune University in 2010, he went on to do Masters in Urban Design in CEPT, and then went on to create this fantastic comic brand called Leewardist which has been read by millions from across the world for it’s comical and thought provoking architectural content. Anuj’s life experiences and stories are all narrated through this Comic medium and it has grown exponentially over a short period of time. 

Superheroes from Marvel, DC, and even India’s Pran comics has always been a big inspiration for Anuj during his childhood days and he has taken this childhood passion to build a fantastic brand which is Leewardist.


Leewardist which was established circa 2014 believes in the idea of simplifying Architectural & Urban Design through visual storytelling. And what better way to do this than ‘Comics’

With more than 300+ comics published and collaborations with leading Architectural websites Archdaily and arquitetapage, Leewardist is paving the way for future Architectural comics in India and around the world. His work has also been published on newspapers like Mumbai Mirror, portals subscribed by the general public like “ the Logical Indian, MensXP, and ScoopWhoop” and numerous design and architectural magazines. 

Some of his most famous Comics are

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In this episode, which is part 1 of a 3 part series you will get to listen to Anuj’s passion for comics as a kid, his introduction to Architecture, his struggles in CEPT Ahmedabad, how Leewardist was founded and why it started, and much much more. 
4:30 Anuj’s Introduction to Architecture. Getting Inspired by Thunderkats, Bionic 6, and other comics as a kid.
6:00 Realising that Architecture is not just drawing. TEDx talk on being an introvert and using it for his success.

“Because of my profession, I am now slightly extroverted

7:30 Writing NATA & getting into Nashik University

“The only way I could explore comics was through Architecture Presentations.”

11:30 Applying to CEPT, Ahmedabad for Urban Design Course
13:00 Interview with Neelkanth Chaaya

“Their way of teaching was completely opposite to what I studied in my Bachelors

15:00 ‘For five years I was the topper and the gold medalist, but no use at all
16:30 Getting a job Post graduation
18:00 Will you get higher pay if you do an Urban Design course?

“I was the sketchup guy, the designer, the presentation person, the Pune, the chai maker, and bringing Samosa for my Dutch boss.

19:20 The Oatmeal
21:00 Writing & Drawing comical blogs on Urban Design on his blogspot. (
22:20 Coining of the Leewardists’ name

“Leewardist started with this very pure intent of simplifying Urban Design & Architecture

27:10 Getting support from your boss Stephen Bounder Karr
28:00 Moving to Pune & Experimenting

 ’Stop means Fail

30:00 So what did your parents say to doing comics full time?

 ‘Prioritising is something I learned in those times and how to prioritise your life’

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