Life of an Entrepreneur Architect in India with Varun Kapoor



Entrepreneur Architect

On this episode, you will get to listen to the journey of an Entrepreneurial Architect from Mumbai, Varun Kapoor.

Architect Varun Kapoor

Varun Kapoor, who is the founder & principal Architect of Plusvarchitects talks about what it takes to become a successful Architect in India in this episode. 

From sleeping three hours a night during his college days to hustling his way through the initial years of work, Varun has come a long way in building a successful Architecture practice and making it work as an Architectural Entrepreneur. 

He shares his journey in Architecture, the challenges he has faced starting his firm, what it takes to be a young entrepreneur architect, his passion for bodybuilding and a lot more.



Varun's Inspirations

  • Mies van der Rohe
  • Santiago Calatrava

Resources Mentioned in the Show


  • Varun’s Journey into Architecture – “Everything has been black & White”
  • Architectural Education in Kamla Raheja Institute
    “As a design student, you have to think to wide and widen your horizons”
  • How, where & when did plusvarchitects begin?
    “I believe hand-on knowledge is as important as academic knowledge”
    “I used to sleep 3 hours a night”
  • How did you come up with the name plusvarchitects?
    “As a design practice, there’s a lot more than just design like funding, client management, labour management and handling a multitude of projects”
  • “Every site teaches you something, every client teaches you something. You got to be incessant and cannot stop as an entrepreneur Architect. And intelligence is cumulative, as you move ahead you keep gaining from your past experiences”
  • Challenges faced running a firm in the city of dreams “Mumbai”
  • “A lot of of our projects had a defined budget”
  • Initial Years & First Projects of Plusvarchitects 
  • Saying “NO” to projects
  • Importance of having the right team to run an Architecture Practice & tips run a team
  • The design philosophy of Plusvarchitects
  • Favourite Projects –
    The Crosshouse Project – a modern contemporary farmhouse in the hills of Karjat Khopoli
    The Campolian Resort also in the hills of Khopoli
  • Social Media is very important as an Architect these days and it has become a necessity.
  • Other ventures that Plusvarchitects are into. – 40% Architecture & 60% Interior Design
  • Interior Design helps build an Architecture Firm as many projects can be completed in a shorter span of time compared to Architecture.
Tips for Entrepreneur Architects
  • Starting a firm as soon as you graduate? Not recommended
  • Taking up whatever projects that come your way?
    “If you know where you’re heading, then you know which projects to take up”
  • Time Management for young Architects
  • Social Media Marketing Tips for Architects
  • Is a website needed for Architects?
  • Importance of knowing the local language as an Architect in India
  • Importance to know Vastu as an Architect
  • Design softwares for Architects
    • Tips from an Architect for architects getting into bodybuilding
    • Consistency and no off-days or cheat days.
    • No Excuses!
Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins.

- Mies Van Der Rohe

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