Architectural Photography in India with Kunal Bhatia

Architectural Photography

On this episode, you will get to listen to the journey of an Architectural Photographer from Mumbai India, Kunal Bhatia.

Architect & Photographer Kunal Bhatia

Originally from Mumbai, Kunal Bhatia started his career as an Architect after graduating from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture & Environmental Studies in 2010. 

It was during his time in school, when he got an opportunity to travel to Switzerland for an exchange program, that he realised he wanted to become an Architectural Photographer. 

And after few years working as an Architect and documenting the works of the firms he worked for, he slowly transitioned into becoming a full time Architectural & Interior Photographer.

He has since shot over 200+ built projects (which he shares regularly on his instagram)and has been published in numerous magazines and websites such as Archdaily, Designboom and Dezeen.

Kunal shares his journey in Architectural & Interior Photography in this episode and it should definitely be an absolute treat for all those who are into photography and for those who have a passion for the built space.



Kunal's Inspirations

Resources Mentioned in the Show

“Architecture is the thoughtful making of space.”

- Louis Kahn

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