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Journey of a BIM Manager

In this episode, we get to hear the fascinating story of Rina Sahay, who is presently a BIM Manager at Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc.

She shares her journey in Architecture right from completing her BArch in India, to pursuing her Masters from Michigan University, working and also teaching in various firms and Universities across the US, how she transitioned to become a BIM Manager, leveraging the Autodesk forums, working for BV Doshi, advice for young architects and also immigrants and a whole lot more.

Podcast Shownotes

02:00 Rina’s transition from a BArch in India to now working as a BIM Manager in the US
05:00 How Rina got into Architecture in the 80s
07:20 Transition to CAD
08:30 Transition to BIM “Once that learning curve has been overcome, then BIM becomes very intuitive and it starts tell you what is it that it wants.” 
10:20 BIM pays off in the long run.
11:30 From Academia to a BIM Manager
13:30 Learning when there weren’t many resources. “Where there is a will, there is a way.”
17:10 “Dynamo is the future.”
19:10 Scope of work for a BIM Manager
21:10 Do BIM Managers also design apart from documentation? 
23:00 Delegating work as a BIM Manager
25:00 Working on the Cloud 
26:50 BIM in Interior Design
28:15 Architecture is Architecture. 
31:10 The various standards in the States.
37:00 Revit is King
42:10 The importance of teaching. “ I learn and I also like to try to help people also learn.”
44:40 The rise of online learning
48:00 Future of BIM & the AEC industry headed. 


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