Architecture as a Wayfinder with Rohan Rathi | AG 45

Architecture as a Wayfinder

In this episode, we speak to a second-generation Architecture and partner of Rathi Associates, Rohan Rathi. Rathi associates is a Bangalore based Architecture firm that was started by Rohan’s father, BH Rathi in the year 1976. They have since completed over 800+ projects pan India and across the world. And have gone to win various national & international awards for their work.

We’re going to be talking about Rohan’s journey in Architecture, how Rathi Associates got started in the 80s, the various projects that they’ve completed over the years, the indian design industry, adoption of technology in India and implementation of BIM, improving the quality of Architectural education in India, the Rathi Learning Space which is an interior design institute started by Rathi Associates, how they’ve made a smooth transition to remote working, and we have a special section in this episode, where Rohan is going to be explaining one of his favourite projects which was an experience center for Wipro in Bangalore and there’s a lot more in this episode.

Podcast Shownotes

0:30 Introduction
3:00 How Rohan got into Architecture
4:40 The overlap between computer science & Architecture these days
5:20 Education happening in reverse
6:20 “Architecture is more like a way-finder for me.”
7:20 “Architecture transcends”
9:03 BH Rathi’s influence on Rohan
10:20 Studying in the UK
12:05 Working at KPF Associates in the UK
14:00 Working at Rathi Associates
16:10 How Rathi Associates was founded
18:00 Transition to India
22:30 Progress made by Architects from 2000 till now “The amount of time you spend on design has reduced.”
19:45 The Indian Design Industry. Adoption of Technology in India Implementation of BIM
24:30 How Rathi Associates transitioned to remote working
27:00 The various tools & software Rathi Associates use for remote working
29:00 Pay-cuts & the impact of the lockdown on the Real Estate Sector
30:45 Handling clients & tackling the Indian Market “People are not exposed enough to understand the importance of an Architect.”; “A lot of people don’t really know what is good design and what is not good design.”
34:00 Corruption in Architecture
35:10 Improving the quality of Architectural Education in India
37:00 Rathi Learning Space
38:00 Improving the system 
41:30 Being an Archipreneur
45:30 A Sports Infrastructure Project
49:40 How Architecture can help the invincibles?
51:00 An Experience Center for Wipro
58:00 A Post Covid World
58:30 Rathi Associates 10 years from now
1:00:30 Advice to young Architects

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