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Through the Interface and Beyond

In this episode, we speak to Kean Walmsley who has been part of Autodesk for more than 25 years and has played many roles over the years. He’s presently part of the research team where he works on emerging areas related to design technology, generative design, virtual and augmented reality and the internet of things.

We discuss his journey and experience working at Autodesk, travel and working around the world including Bangalore, Autodesk Forge,  and the rise in web development frameworks, generative design & Autodesk refinery, digital twins and neural networks, remote working, AI at Autodesk, Autodesk University Las Vegas, advice for young architects & more
Kean also has an awesome blog where he shares a lot about the latest in technology, autodesk, his persona life, and also his travel tales. 


Podcast Shownotes

02:00 Kean’s background story and how he got into Autodesk in the 90s
06:40 Introduction to the Software Development in the Architectural Space.
16:00 Playing the Technical Role & the Managerial Role at Autodesk
19:00 Learning Architecture through Software Development? “I think there’s going to be quite a radical change coming to the Architecture discipline over time and these are skills that every architecture student should be acquiring.” 
19:40 Being part of the BIM Team
21:00 The End of CAD, really? 
24:30 Opensources & 
26:20 Autodesk Forge & the rise of making stuff inside the browser. 
31:00 Generative Design & Autodesk Refinery 
33:00 Working on Digital Twins and training Neural Networks. Plus a brief on Machine Learning
34:50 Would Architects get replaced by the technology? 
37:30 Is Remote Working going to be the new normal?
40:50 Artificial intelligence at Autodesk – ConstructionIQ
42:55 Being careful with Data. 
45:00 The technologies that are going to impact us the most in the coming few years.
48:30 Being part of Autodesk University Las Vegas
49:50 Advice for those applying to Autodesk
54:10 Advice for young Architects 

The Quick Fire Round


  • Neal Stephenson
  • Iain Banks
  • Alastair Reynolds
Favorite Music
Indie Rock
Dire Straits
Favorite City
Wellington or Christchurch or anywhere in New Zeland

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