From a Game Developer to a BIM Coordinator with Jero Juujärvi | AG 39

On this week’s episode, we have with us Jero Juujärvi who presently works as a BIM Coordinator for Kreate Oy in Finland. Kreate is one of Finland’s leading infrastructure builders with net sales of over 200 Million Euros in 2018.  So they don’t just deal with buildings but infrastructure projects like roads, bridges and so on.


Jero hails from a background of game design & development. In this episode, Jero shares how he transitioned to BIM from the world of gaming, BIM for contractors, the BIM Scene in Finland, leveraging BIM for infrastructure projects & facilities management, the role of the government & building a central repository, BIM Standards in Europe, Virtual Reality, Drones, Robotics, Automation, Working remotely & BIM Utopia. This is a BIM packed episode and lots to learn from.

From a Game Developer to a BIM Coordinator

Podcast Shownotes

03:20 Jero’s transition to BIM from game development 
05:20 Networking with the grandmasters of BIM
06:30 Jero’s entrepreneurial journey – Infrapioneer
09:30 Optimizing construction. 
11:10 Convincing clients
13:30 BIM in Finland
15:00 How BIM is implemented in infrastructure projects?
18:00 Leveraging BIM for maintenance of projects
19:00 Machine controlled systems 
20:00 Digital Twins & a central repository 
22:00 BIM Standards & IFC | Digital Handovers
24:30 How do contractors use BIM tools?
28:00 Role of a BIM Coordinator 
29:45 Virtual reality in BIM | Building AR software for construction.
31:40 Drones & Robotics | Working with DGI drones
32:50 Importance of High Speed Internet in the BIM Process
35:00 Automation in Construction
38:00 Remote Working in the world of BIM
39:20 3D Printing | BIM Utopia
41:00 What is Jero presently learning
42:00 Leaving the game industry
44:00 “You need the inner drive”
45:00 Advice to those joining the AEC industry.

The Quick Fire Round


Jero’s Books

  • How to win friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie 

Jero’s Playlist

  • Audiobooks – George Orwel 1984
Favorite City
  • Amsterdam

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