Role of an Architect with Takbir Fatima | AG 38

Role of an Architect

Today we have with us Takbir Fatima who was one of our first guests on the podcast. If you haven’t heard the first episode with Takbir, head to She shares her journey in Architecture, doing the DRL Program at the Architectural Association London, how she founded Designaware, an innovative firm pushing the boundaries of the AEC industry.
In this episode, we’re going to be discussing about the Covid Pandemic has affected us Architects, how Takbir started various awesome initiatives that has helped students & architects like Studio to Site, Fractals Workshop, Buildaware, Designaware House, & the importance of being an innovative & entrepreneurial architecture firm in this day & age. You’ll get to listen to what exactly those initiatives are and how you too can start something innovative, We talk more about the positive aspects of working from home, how you can make the best use of this time and upskill yourself and the various programs or tools that you could use to better manage your firm virtually and run things smoothly. We also talk about the recent ruling by the Supreme court of India stating that Unregistered Individuals not prohibited from practice of Architecture but they can’t designate themselves as Architects. We talk about the impact of this ridiculous ruling and how it’s going to impact us as registered Architects. 
There’s a plethora of useful information in this episode which Takbir shares and it’s very relevant to what’s happening right now so please do share it with everyone related to our field. 

Podcast Shownotes

04:00 How has the Covid situation impacted us Architects?
09:30 Sharpen the saw
11:30 Being entrepreneurial and going beyond “Architecture encompasses all these things under it.”
14:00 Fractals Design Workshop | Studio to Site
18:00 Buildaware
21:00 “The traditional model of an architecture firm is on its way out.”
23:30 Working from home for Architects.
25:20 Embracing technology & systems to work more efficiently as an Architectural practice.
27:50 Leveraging skype & zoom for virtual studio meetings.
30:00 Covid, Natural disasters & how architects can deal with this situation.
34:30 How it has impacted the construction workers who are the backbone of our industry.
36:30 Taking up turnkey projects & relinquishing control.
39:00 Women in Architecture
44:30 Passion projects
46:00 “Every individual can identify themselves as an entrepreneur now.”
46:30 The Supreme Court ruling on Architects & the petition to appeal this ruling.
52:50 Advice for architects right now.
53:50 Quick fire round

The Quick Fire Round


Takbir’s Playlist
  • Linkin Park
Favorite City
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Parasite