Machine Learning in the AEC Industry with Dalton Goodwin | AG 47

In this week’s episode, we speak to BIM Coordinator & Data Enthusiast Dalton Goodwin.


Dalton works as a BIM Coordinator at DLR Group, which is a prestigious large Architecture & Engineering firm based in the States with offices all around the globe. He plays a key role in the development of new plugins and tools that assist the BIM process of the firm.


In this episode, Dalton shares his journey & how he got into the AEC industry, he talks about the importance of Machine Learning in our industry and it’s large impact going forward. Everything will be optimized for us in the future and working may require least to almost no human interference. He also talks about the power of data & how the algorithms adapt based on feedback from us. He even mentions new job positions opening up in the form of data scientists in the AEC industry.


Podcast Shownotes

02:36 About machine learning

06:34 How is it working with other architects

12:03 Nature of work

14:27 Pandemic and work from home has been crazy

16:15 Having good internet and system

20:35 I have tried to specialise in certain things

22:46 About machine learning

24:07 There are a lot of open source tools like python

26:37 I have been trying to focus on my YouTube channel

28:39 We see the power of data

32:35 A lot of jobs will be automated

33:45 It is a transition for me

36:07 Nothing is impossible

37:47 It is going to be optimised for humans

40:18. About uniquely painting images

41:21 Learn through feedback

43:02 How people are using the spaces

44:16 AI can be helpful in construction

48:11 This is really a cool industry to get into

52:43 A big book reader

55:07 This is my passion

55:57 I have had a number of mentors

59:59 Talks about his son

01:00:41 About future plans

01:02:20 I didn’t know if I would be as effective

01:04:10 About hiring full time data scientist

01:04:46 How to get in touch with him

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