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Journey of the Design Collective

In this episode, we speak to the founder of the Design Collective, Dev Tyagi. 

Founded in 2019 under the publication wing of the company , The Design Collective Magazine is a digital publication and online resource committed towards Independent Architecture & Design Journalism. We aim to not only provide a distinct, curated and carefully edited fusion of the latest in Architecture, Design and Art but also recognize and acknowledge upcoming talents from all around the globe. We are also a community that publishes editorials and stories which relate to all creative-types.

In association with people of various disciplines, we compile an edition every few months. Our features are reminiscent of their work, professional opinions, stories, interviews, travel memories, insights and so much more . Since our inception, we have covered, published and partnered with numerous leading firms and organizations, architects, designers, artists and events.

Podcast Shownotes

02:26 How he started his architecture journey
03:51 Studied Architecture in Nagpur
05:51 Experience in the field
07:56 Exposure to students of Architecture
08:46 Software in architecture
09:38 Conceptualization
10:20 The Design Collective
13:21 Setting up a Website
14:48 Why the name ‘The Design Collective’?
16:10 Comparison with Arch Daily & Arch Digest
17:41 Struggle in setting up the magazine
19:26 Didn’t charge a fee initially
20:51 Reaching out to more architects
22:21 Generating revenue and managing finances
26:32 Screening process in place in terms of projects
31:51 Pandemic has been an advantage for us
34:26 Magazine is very flexible. Future plans to increase threshold
36:49 India does not need major changes in terms of architecture
42:14 We are criticising projects
43:40 Criticisms can be related to anything
44:33 There is a lot of scope for new magazines as long as you are being different
46:46 We curate content
50:35 Architecture journalism has to adapt with time
51:10 Advice to young architects
54:52 Get to travel a lot
57:25 Pre COVID routine
01:02:21 In Artists edition we covered Aman Khanna, clay man from Delhi
1:02:30 We grow with every edition
1:11:40 Thank you

About Dev Tyagi

Originally from Indore, Dev is a practicing architect, design journalist and critic. He completed his architecture from Priyadarshini Institute of Architecture and Design Studies, Nagpur. Before establishing his formal practice, he spent his initial years working for reputable and multidisciplinary practices SHK Associates, Nagpur & HCP Interior Architecture, Ahmedabad. 

Under the guidance of nationally renowned architects Ar. Habeeb Khan and Ar. Canna Patel, he absorbed experiences on a variety of micro and macro scaled projects that eventually culminated into the foundations of his practice.

His focus lies in creating spaces that primarily are uncluttered, context-driven and serve as an extension to its users. He also spends his time teaching Architecture & Design in various institutes and is currently serves as a visiting faculty at Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore .

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