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A Weightless Exploration of Design

In this episode, we speak to Bangalore based Architect Gaurav Roy Choudhury who is the principal & founder of Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects also known as GRCA.  

Gaurav completed his Bachelor of Architecture from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture in 2002 and then went on to work with Mathew & Ghosh Architects in Bangalore till 2007. He then decided to start on his own and has since completed numerous projects that has garnered him National & International awards.


In part 2, we discuss about Architectural Education in India, a possible solution for Bangalore traffic, cities being the most sustainable form of living, film-making and how films had an influence on him, his future plans, and loads more.

You can jump to certain sections with the Podcast shownotes below. 

00:15 Intro 02:00 Architectural Education in India “When I’m teaching, I’m always trying to get people to introspect, introspect because design is inside & not outside.” 05:00 Filmmaking and how films have had an influence 08:30 What are your intentions? 12:00 “Everyone’s working but what are they achieving?” 13:40 Gaurav’s solution for Bangalore Traffic 19:00 How do you start the thought process? 22:00 Improve construction quality 23:00 Plans for the future 24:30 “In the future, the world will be ruthless with people who are mediocre.” 24:00 Advice for young Architects 26:00 Quick Fire Round 29:00 “Whatever you learn, you learn it by yourself.”

Album Leaf Jimmy Lavalle

Claude Monet
Hieronymus Bosch
Van Dyke

Satyajit Ray
Krzysztof Kieslowski
Akira Kurusowa

Cafe Lumiere
Three Times by Hou Hsou Sien

Favorite Book
Lord of The Rings 

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