A Wave of Change – 5 Years of RatLab India with Sushant Verma | AG 25

5 Years of RatLab India

On this episode, you will get to listen to Design Entrepreneur, Architect, Computational Designer & Educator, Sushant Verma, as he shares his roller-coaster journey of 5 Years with RatLAB Studio.Sushant is a very special guest as he was one of the fitst guests on the show and he never fails to amaze us with all the various endeavors he has going for himself. If you would like to listen to the first two episodes, you can head to archgyan.com/02 wherein he shares his journey in Architecture right from the get-go and is packed with a lot of useful information.In this episode, he shares what’s changed in the 5 years of running RatLAB, top 5 technologies, projects they worked on and tools they developed. His take on Finch3D and design automation, starting off on your own too soon versus working for somebody, travel tales and travelling & conducting workshops in over 20+ cities, SMART Labs workshops, resources to learn computational design and loads more.You can jump to certain sections with the Podcast shownotes below. 

Podcast Shownotes

01:00 Intro
03:00 What’s changed the most in 5 years of Ratlab Studio?
05:00 Top 5 Technologies Ratlab has experienced over the years
08:20 Ratlab Team
09:20 Affiliation with Universities
10:00 Top 5 Computational Tools that Ratlab created & worked on
14:40 Finch 3D & Spatial Analysis. Using Generative Design
17:30 Top 5 Projects Ratlab Studio worked on
22:30 Collaboration with local companies on Projects
24:00 Business Challenges
25:30 Ratlab’s association with BIM
28:30 Creating Scripts as Architects
31:00 Top 5 Challenges Ratlab has faced &  Adoption of latest technology in India
34:20 The Bell Curve
36:30 Top 5 Travel & Academic Experiences
40:20 Experience at Belarus
42:20 The SmartLAB workshop and what it entails
44:40 Design Conference in 2020 in RVS Institute of Architecture, Chennai.
48:00 How RatLAB started – A Recap
51:50 Top 5 Grasshopper Plugins
56:00 Top 5 Resources to get started with Computational Design
59:00 Top 5 Design & Research Companies
1:04:35 To start or not to start
1:09:00 Future Plans

Notable Mentions

  • Computational & Parametric Design, Tool Development, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
    • The Bell Curve

Tools Mentioned

      • Spirorat
      • Visibility of an Auditorium with ARCOP Architects
      • Allows you to calculate the visibility of a seat in an Auditorium during the design process.
      • Analyzing an Auditorium Seating
      • Spatial Analysis Tools – Co-working Spaces for Oyo
      • Optimizing the visibility of an Office Space & using generative design & computation to create spaces.

Projects Mentioned

      •  Temples & Hendecagons
      •  Experience Center in Noida for a Stone Factory – STL Files
      • Corporate Office & Facade project with Urban Zen in Hyderabad
      • Infosys Project in Bangalore with VA group

 People Mentioned

      • Abhishek Bij
      • Arturo Tedeschi
      • Mohammad Yazdi
      • Michael Pryor
      • Michael Bentley

 Top 5 Plugins

      • Spirorat
      • Pufferfish
      • Lunchbox
      • Kangaroo – Physics Simulation & Form Finding
      • Paneling Tool

 Top 5 Resources 

  • Modelab Primer
  • Arturo Tedeschi AAD – Alogirithimically Aided Design Book
  • Parametric House by Mohammad Yazdi
  • Zubin Khabazi’s Tutorials
  • Rajaa Issaa’s Essential Mathematics for Computational Design
Top 5 Design & Research Companies
  • MIT Media Lab
  • ZHA Code led by Sajay Bhushan
  • Computational Design Group at Fosters
  • AI Space Factory
  • Design Research Lab AA

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