A Weightless Exploration of Design with Gaurav Roy Choudhury | AG 23

In this episode, we speak to Bangalore based Architect Gaurav Roy Choudhury who is the principal & founder of Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects also known as GRCA.  

Gaurav completed his Bachelor of Architecture from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture in 2002 and then went on to work with Mathew & Ghosh Architects in Bangalore till 2007. He then decided to start on his own and has since completed numerous projects that has garnered him National & International awards.

We dwell into topics such as his time in KRVIA and how the rigor there helped him in the long run, Architecture being a dying profession, Being lucky to have less projects, Importance of having a honest dialoue with your clients, Minimalism not just being a style, and loads more.

You can jump to certain sections with the Podcast shownotes below. 

00:15 Intro 03:00 How Gaurav got started on his own 06:00 His First Project 07:00 Gaurav’s cat ‘Botu’ 08:30 Getting into Architecture 09:45 “The idea of Architecture is so infinite, that it will take our whole lives to figure out what it really is.” 11:30 Surviving in his initial years 13:30 Studying at KRVIA 15:00 Architecture is a dying profession 19:00 Having a honest dialogue with your clients 22:00 Gaurav’s Design Process 26:50 Minimalism not just as a style. 29:00 Building relationships with your clients and being a small practice 31:00 His take on “Vastu” 33:00 Making Buildings as non-imageable as possible and completely experimential. 36:00 Future of Architecture 39:30 Being extremely conscious of time 41:20 Making Extremely Clear Drawings 44:30 Minimum pay, Maximum Work

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