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In this week’s episode, we have with us Petar Penchev, who is an Architect, BIM Expert & Lecturer, based in Bulgaria.

He completed his Architecture & Construction Course  from “Angel Popov” Vocational High School of Building, Architecture and Geodesy in Bulgaria. After which he pursued a Master of Architecture from University of Architecture, Civil Eng. and Geodesy in Sofia Bulgaria. He’s worked as a CAD draftsman, Interior Designer, Lecturer, Architect, Project Manager, and as a BIM Expert. He is now a partner of All 1 Studio and also works as a part time Lecturer in the same University he studied in.

In this episode, Petar takes us on his journey in Architecture and his experience in Architecture school in Bulgaria, his introduction to Revit & the world of BIM, his take on where the AEC industry is headed for Bulgaria, teaching, advice for young Architects & loads more.

Podcast Shownotes

02:30 How Petar got into Architecture
04:30 Architecture school  
06:00 Masters in Architecture in UACG Sofia Bulgaria
08:00 Learning Revit
12:30 Transition to BIM
14:00 All 1 Studio 
15:00 Interoperability & collaboration with other consultants.
18:45 Leveraging Automation in Revit with Dynamo & PyRevit
23:30 Using Python to create custom scripts
25:00 Power of PyRevit
27:30 Developing your computational thinking skills.
“To create proper Revit-Addins, you need to learn C#”
29:00 The best way to learn pyRevit & Dynamo
31:18 Creating custom scripts as a service
Creating elevations of curtain walls using automation.
Assemblies in Revit

36:20 BIM in Bulgaria
40:00 The design process at All 1 Studio
44:00 From BIM to Virtual Reality & PlanGrid
49:20 The local materials in Bulgaria
50:30 Working as a part time lecturer.
“Creating a Revit model is like replicating the construction of a building and you do it in a digital environment.”
52:00 With BIM, information is the key 
54:00 “Creating a revit model is like replicating the construction of a building.”
55:30 Where are we moving on to next? 
Advice to young architects & architecture students.
56:00 Role of an Architect
57:30 Advice to young students & architects
58:40 Quick Fire Round


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