Testing Waters with Vikram Subbaiah | AG 32

Testing Waters in Architecture

In this episode, we have with us a Bangalore based Architect who is a dynamo expert, computational designer and principal of Testing Waters Architecture Studio, Vikram Subbaiah.

Vikram completed his Bachelor of Architecture from BMSCE in 2001. He’s worked in the industry for more than 18 years and has played many a role, right from being an architect, to a project manager, and finally as a computational BIM Design consultant. He now runs his own firm called Testing Waters based in Bangalore and he is always looking at pushing the boundaries of design using computation, which is seen in most of his residential works.

He is well known in the AEC industry for his computational design & problem solving capabilities and he is an active member of dynamo forums where he regularly takes up complex challenges and solves them. Vikram shares his journey in architecture, why it is better to scale down rather than scale up, design script, dynamo, revit, BIM, and loads more.


Podcast Shownotes

02:30 Testing Waters & exploring computational design
04:30 Realizing Parametric designs on site.
05:00 How Vikram works on his own and solves computational problems.Dynamo Forums
08:00 Type of Projects that Vikram works on
09:30 Teaching Computational Design in Bangalore
11:00 Computational Design in India
12:00 How difficult is it to learn revit & the learning curve.
14:10 Studying at BMS School of Architecture in 1997
16:33 Why Vikram did not pursue Masters in Architecture

“You wouldn’t follow a script and you wouldn’t follow a path that is dictated by somebody else.”

17:30 Python – Design Script (The Language of Dynamo)
18:18 Does ML have space in Design?
21:40 BIM in India
27:30 Scaling down rather scaling up
31:00 Advice to architecture students.
34:00 Vikram’s architectural style
37:30 Vastu
42:00 Role of an Architect
48:00 Quick Fire Round

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