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A Blessedarch Episode

Today we have with us the alluring, super charismatic, and magnetic founder of BlessedArch, Rishabh Wadhwa.  

Here’s a brief of Blessedarch & Rishabh to give you some context and in Rishabh’s own style


Rishabh completed his BArch from Manipal University Jaipur. He worked as an Intern Architect for DesignQube Architects in Jaipur & then Studio Ardete in Chandigarh. He also got to work as a Social Media Marketing Intern for Naya Sawera NGO.
And it was after all this, that he started BlessedArch. A platform that he created, where he shares daily facts on everything related to Architecture. This platform has grown rapidly in the past 2 years with over 22k+ followers on Instagram, 14k+ subscribers on youtube and he teaches us something new everyday with a lot of charm & energy. We’ll learn more about his journey and how he got started in this episode.


Podcast Shownotes

02:50 How Rishabh got into Architecture
05:50 Manipal Jaipur
08:10 The Blessedarch story
“If you put all that energy and put it one thing,  you can go really ahead.”
14:00 The Deadline Tactics
17:00 Watching Nasdaily Videos
17:30 Archifacts 
20:00 Tripmachine
22:00 Revenue from Blessedarch
22:40 The Blessedarch schedule
26:00 Intermittent Fasting
28:30 How did Rishabh come up with the name ‘Blessedarch’?
29:30 Coming up with content everyday
32:30 The Blessedarch work process.
34:00 Perseverance
35:10 Focusing on one thing vs Focusing on multiple things at a time.
37:30 Teaching through Blessedarch
39:30 Depression in Architecture
42:30 Grass in Architecture
45:00 The Blessedarch journey & future transitions
47:30 Branching off from Architecture 
49:00 How Blessedarch is helping the architectural education system?
51:10 Working with groups
54:00 Getting back to Architecture
56:00 Quick Fire Round
57:42 Advice for young Architects

Connect with Rishabh Wadhwa

Blessedarch Instagram

Blessedarch Twitter

Blessedarch Youtube