From an Architect to a Full-Stack Developer with Petr Mitev | AG 31

Architect to a Full-Stack Developer

In this week’s episode, learn what it takes to become a global leader of design computation at NBBJ & also a full-stack developer with Architect Petr Mitev.

Petr completed his Bachelor & Masters of Architecture from University of Cincinnati. Post which, he worked for the some of the biggest firm in the world like GBBN Architekten, HENN Architekten, & KieranTimberlake. He presently works as a Global Leader of Design Computation at NBBJ. NBBJ was the No.1 most innovative architecture firm in 2018 and is considered one of the best architecture firms in the world. He’s also a full stack developer and explores interfaces & frameworks for web development.

There’s so much to learn from this episode as Petr shares how he got started as an Architect, his time in architecture school, what a global leader in design computation is and what work it entails, being a community leader and helping others, where he sees the industry headed, advice for young architects, & loads more.


Podcast Shownotes

02:30 The Design Computation Team in NBBJ
NBBJ Digital
04:30 The Most innovative Architecture firm in 2018
05:00 Working on systems that help projects or working on projects directly
Amazon Spheres – Facade rationalization
Working with John Medina on Building Performance & Human Performance 
08:00 Integration with other teams09:30 The BIM team at NBBJ
11:00 R&D at NBBJ
12:00 Getting into Architecture and studying at University of Cincinnati
14:10 Working at 
16:33 Working at NBBJ  
17:30 How Petr got into design computation
18:18 Getting into Full-Stack Development
WPF in Windows
Javascript – Frameworks for Web Development
VueJS Framework Auotdesk Forge
21:40 Suite of tools on Analysis of human performance
22:40 Do we need to learn coding as Architects? Woods Baggot, NBBJ & Wework.
25:20 Best advice for those who want to learn code. Udemy LinkedIn Learning
27:30 Is machine learning & artificial intelligence still a buzzword in Architecture? Robotics being developed by Boston Dynamics
31:00 Are architects going to be replaced by robots & artificial intelligence? 
34:00 The AEC Industry & Climate Change.
37:30 Workshops, Talks & Community Groups
39:30 What’s next for the AEC industry?Hypar & Testfit
42:00 Role of an Architect
45:30 Advice to young students & architects
48:00 Quick Fire Round

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