Life of a Mexican Architect with Ariadna Lopez – Ep #01

Journey of a Mexican Architect

For the very first episode of the Archgyan Podcast, Mexican architect Ariadna Lopez joins us. Every year, she takes a break from work to travel to a different country, and last month she visited India. 

Manish, who is an Airbnb host, interviewed Ariadna to learn more about Mexican architecture. As a result, the Archgyan Podcast was born!

In addition to giving great travel tips, Ariadna gives insight into Indian and Mexican architecture. Additionally, you’ll get to hear how she got into architecture and her experience studying at UNAM, one of the best universities in Mexico. Her experience working for Studio MMX, one of the most renowned firms in Mexico, is also discussed.

In this interview, she talks about being mesmerized by the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and BV Doshi. 

In addition, she provides insight into the different aspects of Indian culture and architecture. Tune in to this fascinating conversation I had with Ariadna.

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“Design is nothing but a humble understanding of materials, a natural instinct of solutions and respect for nature.”

-Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi

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