From Philosophy to Architecture with Eli Y. Meltzer | AG 48

This week, we speak with the Principal Architect at Meltzer/Mandl Architects, Eli Y. Meltzer. 

Eli transitioned from a background in Philosophy to Architecture and shares his entire journey in this episode. He specializes in the housing space and has vast expertise in New York City Building Codes & regulations. He’s also a published author and has given seminars and workshops at international conferences on Jewish Infrastructure Capital Projects.


In this episode, we learn about Eli’s journey, the importance of affordable housing, philosophy and how different Architecture is going to be post-pandemic, design tech, homes being more multi-functional, his plans for the future, and a whole lot more in this episode.


We also have a special section called Dissect the project wherein Eli runs us through one of his favorite projects “The Roscoe Brown Apartments.”


Podcast Shownotes

00:45 Introduction

01:25 Eli’s journey as an architect

07:40 Working with other firms

12:23 How Eli explores design 

14:00 Talks about Roscoe Brown Apartments

22:08 How technology is helping

23:59 Incorporating scripting into projects

26:05 Architecture and Philosophy

27:56 Effect of pandemic on architects

32:59 Designing future homes with technology

37:42 Architecture and affordable housing for homeless

42:50 Affordable housing & box buildings

48:31 Will education change in Architecture school

52:19 Sustainability in projects

59:24 Future plans for the firm

01:01:46 Dialogue with the community staying at your project

01:03:49 Quickfire round Book inspiration

01:03:59 What’s on your playlist?

01:04:16 Favorite city

01:04:52 Daily routine

01:07:28 Thank you address



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