Content Creation in Architecture ft. Michael Lavalley AG | 53

In this episode we have with us an Architect, Writer, Web Designer, teacher, podcaster and entrepreneur, Michael Lavalley.


Mike is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and a LEED AP. He’s currently an architect and project manager at Young + Wright Architects and he specializes in Architectural Design, Detailing, Project Management, 3D Modeling, Design Research, Sustainable Design, Graphic Design and much more. 

He has 12 years of professional experience and he shares his research, experience and interests on his blog “Evolving Architect”. He’s also a co-host of his podcast called “Unpacking design” where they discuss all things design. Apart from that he’s a gamer and a chess fanatic.


In this episode he talks about his journey, how he creates content in architecture, about his podcast and his company Evolving Architect, some interesting tools that he uses and a whole lot more. 


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Podcast Shownotes

00:00:00 Intro 

00:02:52 How he got into Architecture? 

00:09:55 How he got into Content Creation. 

00:16:25 Managing Content Creation 

00:20:42 How to stay up to date with the advancement in architecture 

00:31:11 Can you climb the ladder fast by upgrading your software skills? 

00:39:14 Computational skills necessary for architects of the 21st century 

00:50:56 Interesting tools he uses for Content Creation 

01:01:47 Importance of stepping into other fields and incorporating it in architecture 01:07:41 Favorite Chess Opening  

01:09:41 Mentor in your life 

01:12:44 Favorite Books 

01:15:11 Future Goals 

01:17:01 Favorite Games 

01:19:40 Advice for young architects

01:21:06 Thank you 

Recommended Tools





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Recommended Books

Architecture of Happiness by Alain De Botton

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

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