Parametricism & The Future of Architecture Part 2 with Sushant Verma AG 03

Parametricism & The Future of Architecture

On the second part of talking life & the future of architecture with Sushant Verma, we dig deep into topics such as parametric design, architectural education in India, design workshops as a new innovative medium for learning, and much more.

The Extended shownotes are available below which is packed with a lot of useful links and other info that will help you in your journey in architecture.

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Selected Links From This Episode​​

If you would like to get in touch with Sushant, find the links below

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And Check out his Studio


Rat-Lab Facebook Page

And his hybrid 6-month workshop on Parametric Design


Show Notes

00:00 Introduction
02:30 Why did you decide to quit Zaha Hadid Architects after a year?

03:00 Fan of Frank Gehry (Sketches of Frank Gehry)
05:00 MAK Schindler Program 6 Month Residency
11:00 Workshops in Italy representing Rat-Lab
13:30 Interview at LA in Gehry’s Office.
15:00 Starting Rat-Lab in India
15:40 When did you start getting into teaching?
16:40 Hooke Park at AA, Robotics in-charge
17:00 Rat-Lab Education was born and reinventing the design education.
19:00 Teaching work seen as a software class in India
20:00 Smart Labs & partnering with universities
21:20 Rat-Lab Interiors Interiors using technology to create installations and art-work and collaborating with Furniture Designers, product designers & to rationalise the fabrication process and to optimise costs. New Pragati Maidan Centre
23:00 Collaborating with 10 to 12 big architects of India and inculcating a collaborating culture
24:00 How do you deal with margins during collaboration with other Architects?
28:00 Innovation & startups in the Architecture Industry
30:00 Starting or being successful within a number of years in Architecture.
32:00 Architecture Firms are not about a single Architect and companies do not grow that way. Working with teams & networking.
34:00 Structuring the firm and having a co-founder working from Germany
36:00 Implementing Parametric Design in the design Process.
37:00 Analysing & optimising visibility in an auditorium of 6000 people
39:00 Parametric design is not just a funky looking shape but it is much more than that. Parametric Design is high-end computation
41:00 Grasshopper as a medium & an extension of Python & C#
42:00 Dynamo for revit & integrating dynamo with grasshopper
43:00 Maya has a polygon-meshing modelling system, 3ds max has a polygon-mesh, and rhino is a nurbs based modelling system. And the influence of BIM in the industry.
44:00 Having knowledge of Virtual Reality & knowledge of Artificial Intelligence will become a new-normal for architects in the next 10 years.
47:00 Architectural Education is a big market!
48:00 Young graduates need to accept that what they learn in the 5 years of Bachelors is not enough.
49:30 Idea of a sharing employee
50:30 Having patience in Architecture
51:00 Using knowledge online ~ ~ smartlabs ~ MIT Design Lab
52:00 Exhibition of Smartlabs in Chennai & COA
52:30 Workshop culture on sustainability, bamboo, mud architecture, parametric design for structures & so on.
53:00] Solution for Architecture Students ~ Multitask right from the beginning ~ Go watch TED Talks, MIT Media LAB, Lectures by AA, Lecture series by Sci-Arc
54:00 Learn to be a graphic designer, journalist, entrepreneur, etc. while pursuing Architecture
56:30 Every University is happy to buy 3D Printers
57:30 What is your goal as an architect in bringing change to our world?
59:30 Do you think AI would replace architects in the future?

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”

- Frank Gehry

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