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Reimagining Architecture

Today we have with us  Amey Kandalgaonkar who is an Architect, Architectural Photographer & founder of Ameyzing_ Architect on Instagram, where he explores & pushes his creative abilities to the limit through photorealistic renders of  utopian & surreal architecture.


Here’s a brief on Amey 


He completed his BArch from Sr JJ College of Architecture in 2009 and then went on to pursue his MArch from UCL, London. He’s worked for various international practices like RTA-Office Shanghai, RMJM London, Planet 3 Studios Mumbai & now runs his own firm called Kandal Design in Vancouver. He’s also an accomplished architectural photographer and he has provided professional photography services for various clients across China


His works have been published widely on designboom, dezeen, archdaily & the top architectural publications of the world. There’s a lot to talk about and you’ll get to hear his journey & also some top secrets on how he gets his work done.

Podcast Shownotes

02:30 How Amey got into Architecture – winning the National Bal Shree Honour
05:00 Studying at JJ School of Architecture and what is missing in Indian Architecture schools?
07:00 Studying at UCL. Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment
10:30 Application process for a Masters in Architecture
13:00 MArch Thesis – Anomalous Islands 
21:00 Exploring Architectural Photography – Shanghai Art Deco
23:00 Starting Ameyzing Architecture on Instagram”Working within the constraints and the challenge makes you a better Architect.”
26:00 The tools that Amey’s uses & the design process.29:30 How Amey’s comes up with his creative renders?31:30 Goals behind starting the IG page.
31:40 Virtual Reality33:00 Kandal Designs & transition to Canada
36:30 The Canadian process to become a licensed Architect
37:30 Plans for Ameyzing_Architect & future plans
39:30 Getting into the 3D Architectural Visualization space.
40:30 Is smoking up part of your creative work process?
42:30 Is Computational design part of the process?
43:30 Benefits of being an Architectural Photographer

“Architectural Design & Photography feed off each other.”

44:30 Photography Gear – Niko Full Frame DSLR Shift Lenses
46:30 Where does Amey get his inspiration from
47:30 Favorite project that Amey photographed.
48:30 Hybrid Images
50:00 Good tools with start with & picking up on 3D rendering skills
Philip Hoodas
52:20 Advice to young architects & architecture students.
54:50 Quick Fire Round
55:30 The Aussie BIM Guru Cats
58:40 Quick Fire Round
1:00:30 How do we improve the architectural education system in India?
1:03:30 Advice to Architects migrating to Canada

The Quick Fire Round

Books Mentioned

Notable Mentions
Favorite Movie
  • The Man from Earth
Favorite City
  • London
  • Shanghai

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