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Journey of an Interior Designer

Today we have the founder of Infinity Designs, Ajinkya Dhumal, who is an industry veteran in the Interior Design field with over 15+ years of experience and who has completed over 1000+ projects.

Some of his landmark projects have been Anu Aga Residence, Jai Raj House and Ladkat house. Infinity has also worked with big wigs from corporate industry that includes Goel Ganga Group, BMW, DPES, Publiq, Maruti Nexa, and a handful of national and international companies from the hospitality, real estate and education sectors.

In this episode, Ajinkya takes us on his journey in becoming an established Interior Designer in India, what are the various roles & responsibilities that an Interior designer plays which is not taught in Interior Design schools, what are the various materials used, how much do interior designers charge their clients, how healthy competition is helping the interior design sector, what this field has in store for us in the future, and great advice for young Architects & interior designers.


Podcast Shownotes

02:15 How Ajinkya got into Interior Design
03:30 Graduating from Jagannath Rathi Interior Design institute in Pune in 1999 and working with Architect Rahul Gupta
04:25 Starting Infinity Designs in 2002 & coming up with the name.
06:00 Initial Struggles as a firm owner.
08:30 Ajinkya’s design process
09:10 Is budget a constraint? 
10:30 How do you approach a smaller space as a Interior Designer?
11:30 Different materials in Interior Design and keeping yourself updated.
12:30 Is MDF a bad material?
13:00 Interior Decor in interior design.
15:30 Different consultants involved in interior design.
17:00 Building your contacts & network.
18:06 Landing the bigger projects and bigger clients.
19:10 Unorganized to organized in Interior Design.
20:30 Different tools that you use as an interior designer.
21:00 How much do you charge your clients as a interior designer?
22:40 Marketing in Social Media
23:00 What advice would you give to someone who wants to start on their own?
25:00 Where do you see the industry headed in the future?
27:30 Advice for young architects & Interior designers.

Notable Mentions

Projects Mentioned

  • Jayraj house in Pune
  • Bungalow in Koregaon park

 People Mentioned

  • Ahmed Kasu
  • Philippe Starck

About Ajinkya Dhumal

Ajinkya completed his Diploma in Interior Design from Jagannath Rathi Interior Design institute in Pune in 1999. He then went on to work with an eminent Architect Rahul Gupta before starting his own firm. 
Hera are some of his Achievements & Associations ACHIEVEMENTS / ASSOCIATIONS:

– Appeared in Forbes Luxury Issue 2019

– Jury Member of the most prestigious Architecture festival, Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing (FOID) 2019

– Interview of Mr. Ajinkya Dhumal at a Design meet- the 5th episode of the A&I Digest “Secret Sauce Series” 2019, organized by A&I Digest




– Nominee at NDTV DESIGN AWARDS 2015

– Mentor at ACETECH by Economic Times of India – 2015 – 2016


– Eminent Participant at DIALOGUES EVENT 2016, 2017 and 2019 DIALOGUES – 16 – Taj Falaknuma Palace Hotel, Hyderabad DIALOGUES – 17 – Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur DIALOGUES – 19 – Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur.

– ZEE BUSINESS presents NATIONAL Real Estate Leadership Congress & Awards 2019 was held, as Real Estate Contributes to the Economic Growth & Prosperity of Nation Building. Like any business people matter a lot; People who contribute value and Make a difference with Strategic Perspective, Track Record, Ability for Sustainability, Future Orientation, Integrity and Ethics are entitled for the Highest Recognition was given by The Global Real Estate Congress to an individual for the “Most Talented Real Estate Professional”. Mr. Ajinkya Dhumal, Founder, and Director of Infinity Architects and Interior Designers have received this “Most Talented Real Estate Professional” award 2019 for his most incredible creative contribution to society.

Connect with Ajinkya Dhumal & Infinity Design Studio

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