Benny Kuriakose – On His Initial Experiments with Architecture Part 2| AG 51

This is part 2 of our two part series with Dr. Benny Kuriakose, a leading sustainable Architect from India.

In this episode we talk more about vernacular architecture, architectural conservation, Architectural Education and we address questions like “Do we really need to study for 5 years to become an Architect” ? How to improve the architectural curriculum, Benny sir’s take on the Central Vista Project and how to go about design promoting unconventional thinking.

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Podcast Shownotes

00:02:04 What defines Benny Kuriakose Architecture 

00:05:39 Vernacular Architecture 

00:07:36 Bad Architecture 

00:12:24 Design should change life 

00:15:27 Techniques implemented in architecture 

00:28:38 Central Vista project 

00:37:50 How to improve the Architecture curriculum

00:56:42 Thank you

Notable Mentions

Following Vernacular Architecture , Designing for user, Architectural Education 

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