Unveiling Top Architecture Firms in Quebec City

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Top Architecture Firms in Quebec City

Top Architecture Firms in Quebec City
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Quebec City, with its rich history and vibrant cultural heritage, has become a hub for architectural innovation and design. Among the myriad of architectural firms contributing to the city’s skyline, one stands out prominently – Architectura.

Exploring Excellence in Design and Innovation

1. Architectura: Shaping Dreams Since 1998

Established in 1998, Architectura has weathered significant challenges, emerging as a stalwart with a wealth of experience. Specializing in a diverse range of services including Architecture, Hospitality, Residential, and Commercial projects, Architectura has left an indelible mark on Quebec City’s architectural tapestry. Their portfolio boasts a modern development style that aligns seamlessly with the city’s dynamic ambiance. Explore their projects and ethos at www.aagc.ca.

2. ABCP Architecture: A Beacon of Environmental Responsibility

In the realm of environmentally responsible architecture, ABCP Architecture takes the lead. Offering a comprehensive scope of services spanning Architecture, Hospitality, Residential, and Commercial projects, ABCP Architecture integrates sustainability into their designs. The notable achievement of Coralee Tremblay, an architecture intern, as one of the winners in the 2022 American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment competition, attests to their commitment to green practices. Discover more about their environmentally conscious projects at www.abcparchitecture.com.

3. AECOM: Pioneering Energy Efficiency in Architecture

AECOM, with a focus on Architecture, Residential, Housing, Commercial, and Healthcare projects, stands out for its dedication to energy efficiency. Beyond creating architectural marvels, AECOM is committed to responsible business practices, emphasizing emission reduction and social value creation. Explore their diverse portfolio at www.aecom.com.

4. Alp Soykandar: Crafting Humanist Architecture

Distinguished by a commitment to humanist architecture, Alp Soykandar is a name synonymous with innovation in Quebec City. With a scope covering Architecture, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Interior, and Touristic projects, their mission revolves around creating designs deeply connected to the region. Uncover the unique blend of character and functionality in their work at www.asoycorp.com.

5. Architectes Bélanger Beauchemin: Six Decades of Sensitive Authenticity

With a legacy spanning over sixty years, Architectes Bélanger Beauchemin has earned recognition for its sensitivity and authenticity in architecture. Specializing in Architecture, Residential, Commercial, and Industrial projects, their integrated collaboration approach defines excellence. Learn more about their unique expertise at www.groupea.qc.ca.

6. Architecture Le Corbusier: Tailor-Made Excellence

Led by the passionate Line Rousseau, Architecture Le Corbusier takes a personalized approach to design. Their expertise covers Architecture, Residential, Commercial, and Housing projects, all tailored to meet client specifications. Immerse yourself in their tailor-made projects at www.architecturelecorbusier.com.

7. Atelier 21 – Architecture Verte: Context-Based Brilliance

Atelier 21 has etched its mark as a recognized architecture firm in Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick. Born from the collaboration of experienced architects Christian Bernard, Patrice LaRochelle, and Carlo Peirolo, Atelier 21’s projects, spanning Architecture, Residential, Commercial, Housing, and Hospitality, are known for their context-based brilliance. Explore their projects at www.a21.ca/fr/projets.php.

8. Atelier 4e Niveau – Architecture De Proximité: Community-Based Designs

Embracing an integrated approach, Atelier 4e Niveau focuses on community-based designs. Their Architecture, Residential, Commercial, Housing, and Interior Design projects aim to create buildings that harmonize with the social fabric. Dive into their community-centric designs at www.atelier4niveau.com.

9. Atelier 9: Small Structure, Big Adaptability

In the realm of residential, commercial, and industrial architecture, Atelier 9 thrives as a small but adaptable structure. With a network of collaborators in various specialties, they tailor their designs to meet the unique demands of their clients. Discover the technical development prowess of Atelier 9 at www.atelier9.org.

10. Atelier Guy Architectes: Investing in Renovation and Transformation

Choosing to invest in a district undergoing transformation, Atelier Guy Architectes specializes in Architecture, Residential, Commercial, Renovation, and Interior Design. Their focus on renovation reflects a commitment to revitalizing and reshaping existing spaces. Learn more about their innovative approach at www.atelierguyarchitectes.com.


In conclusion, Quebec City’s architectural panorama is a testament to the diverse expertise and innovative spirit of its architectural firms. Each firm brings a unique touch to the city, contributing to the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity in the heart of Quebec.

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