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A Glimpse into Top Architecture Firms in Vancouver

Architecture Firms in Vancouver
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Vancouver’s architectural landscape boasts a diverse array of firms that have made significant contributions to the city’s skyline. From environmentally conscious designs to innovative wood buildings, these top-notch architectural firms have left an indelible mark on the Northwest Pacific Region. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the leading firms that have shaped Vancouver’s architectural identity.

Exploring Excellence and Innovation in Vancouver’s Architectural Landscape

1. Formline Architecture | Architectural Firm / Architects in Vancouver


Formline Architecture, an award-winning firm, specializes in delivering environmentally friendly and culturally sensitive projects. Inspired by the local cultural and natural landscapes of the North Pacific region, their expertise lies in creating innovative wood buildings. The principal architect, a First Nations member registered with the Fond Du Lac Nation, brings a unique perspective to each project.

2. A A Robins Architect


Tony Robins, a member of prestigious architectural institutes, leads this firm known for its modern and minimalistic approach. With projects spanning across British Columbia and Japan, A A Robins Architect has garnered recognition and awards globally. Tony’s commitment to green building methods is evident through Perform Construction, a prefabrication factory initiated to ensure quality control.

3. Arno Matis Architecture (AMA)


AMA has earned its place among the top 40 global design firms, recognized for its responsive architecture. Their projects, encompassing hotels, residences, and commercial spaces, are shaped by the site, social context, and ecological considerations. Awards such as WL Designers of the Year and American Architecture Prize underscore their commitment to sustainable design.

4. Battersby Howat Architects Inc | Architects in Vancouver


Specializing in contemporary architecture, Battersby Howat Architects Inc focuses extensively on residential projects. Their designs, both modest and authentic, integrate seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. With accolades like the Canadian Architect Award of Excellence, the firm’s work has been featured in various publications, reinforcing their commitment to poetic and innovative design.

5. Design Architecture Everyday (DAE)


DAE is a boutique architecture and design firm, prioritizing small to mid-sized projects with a communicative approach. Their tailored solutions, influenced by a client’s vision, showcase a comprehensive skill set. Specializing in single-family, multifamily, and commercial projects, DAE emphasizes a rigorous, organized, and client-focused design and construction process.

6. B + H


Bold + Human architects at B + H work globally, delivering inspiring, functional, and contextually relevant buildings and environments. As a member of the Surbana Jurong Group, they leverage over 70 years of experience to transform spaces and communities. Their modern approach is evident in projects across various sectors, from commercial to residential and institutional.

7. Campos Studio | Architects in Vancouver


Founded in 2015, Campos Studio engages in a diverse range of projects, including architecture, product design, public art, and branding. Their contemporary and innovative approach is reflected in projects such as houses built in natural settings. With a focus on private houses, Campos Studio adds a touch of uniqueness to Vancouver’s architectural panorama.

8. Diamond Schmitt


With offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and New York, Diamond Schmitt is one of Canada’s best-managed companies and greenest employers. Their commitment to sustainability extends across various projects, including educational, cultural, commercial, and healthcare structures. Inspired by the Canadian landscape, the firm values nature, diversity, health, safety, and compassion.

9. Cannon Design


Cannon Design adopts a ‘Living Centered Design’ approach, emphasizing inclusivity, equity, and accessibility in their projects. With a focus on healthcare, education, commercial, and recreational spaces, the firm’s designs address the complex interdependencies between people, communities, and the environment. The firm’s awards highlight their dedication to creating spaces that positively impact people’s lives.

10. Amanat Architect


Led by principal architect Hossein Amanat, the firm brings sensitivity to the environmental and cultural context of each project. Amanat Architect’s portfolio includes residential, public spaces, administration, educational, and commercial projects, both in Canada and internationally. With a legacy of creating iconic buildings, Hossein Amanat continues to shape architectural landscapes around the world.


As Vancouver continues to evolve, these architectural firms contribute significantly to the city’s identity, blending innovation, sustainability, and cultural sensitivity in their designs. Each firm brings a unique perspective, ensuring the architectural diversity that makes Vancouver a standout city in the world of design and construction.

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