Top Architecture Firms in Venice: Unveiling Powerhouse

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Architecture Firms in Venice: Unveiling the Top Design Studios

Architecture Firms in Venice
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Nestled amidst the timeless beauty of Venice are architectural firms that redefine modern living through their innovative designs and structural expertise. In this exploration, we delve into the top architectural studios shaping the city’s skyline and transforming dreams into concrete realities.

Crafting Dreams into Concrete Realities with Leading Design Studios

1. Angus-2529 Studio di Architettura

With a rich legacy spanning over 60 years, Angus-2529 Studio di Architettura stands as a stalwart in the architectural landscape of Venice. Renowned for their comprehensive services ranging from design development to project execution, they have etched a reputation for excellence in residential and hospitality projects.

2. A+ Studio Architetti Associati

Embracing a global perspective, A+ Studio Architetti Associati distinguishes itself through a forward-looking approach, offering innovative solutions in engineering, construction, and architecture. Their commitment extends beyond projects, contributing to sustainable communities worldwide.

3. Architetto Tibolla Fabrizio

An award-winning firm dedicated to innovative design solutions, Architetto Tibolla Fabrizio focuses on projects that embody the essence of communities. Passionate about turning client aspirations into reality, they play a pivotal role in shaping the diverse facets of life in Venice.

4. Cattaneo Architetti Associati

Specializing in interior design within residential projects, Cattaneo Architetti Associati has garnered acclaim over the years. With a focus on customer satisfaction, they provide end-to-end services, ensuring a seamless journey from design conceptualization to project execution.

5. Casali Arch. Vincenzo

Operating at the intersection of modernity and architectural finesse, Casali Arch. Vincenzo brings a contemporary touch to residential, commercial, and institutional projects. Their design and structural services reflect a commitment to pushing boundaries in architectural aesthetics.

6. Architetto Elisa Mengoli

At the heart of Venice’s architectural panorama is Architetto Elisa Mengoli, a firm driven by a commitment to communities, integrity, and technical excellence. With over a century of delivering quality work, they weave a tapestry of culture into every project undertaken.

7. Corde Architetti Associati

Boasting a wealth of experience, Corde Architetti Associati specializes in the design of distinctive homes and remodels. Their expertise in residential architecture is complemented by a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring a holistic approach from conception to completion.

8. Duebarradue Studi Associati – Settore Architettura

Dedicated to meeting project expectations, Duebarradue Studi Associati places a premium on complete team participation. Guided by the belief that success is a collective effort, they lead their teams with a sense of responsibility, achieving remarkable results in the process.

9. Architetto Gerbaudi Francesco

With a diverse clientele spanning commercial, institutional, municipal, and residential projects, Architetto Gerbaudi Francesco showcases a unique approach to design and execution. Their portfolio reflects a commitment to consistently surprising and delighting their clients.

10. Architetto Nicola Feriotti

Focused on developing long-term relationships, Architetto Nicola Feriotti aligns innovation and creativity with client goals and desires. Their emphasis on quality design and exceptional service has established them as a trusted partner in Venice’s architectural landscape.


Venice, a city synonymous with timeless beauty, finds its architectural narrative shaped by these design studios. Each firm brings a distinctive flavor to the modern architecture of the city, contributing to the vibrant tapestry that is Venetian living. As these architects continue to redefine boundaries, Venice stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation.

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