Top 10 Best BIM Plugins for ArchiCAD

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Top 10 Best BIM Plugins for ArchiCAD

The world of construction has changed drastically in the last century, from using traditional construction methods to build structures that took years and sometimes decades to complete to mass production and building structures within a span of months, the change has been gradual and yet transformational at the same time.

Top 10 Best BIM Plugins for ArchiCAD
Top 10 Best BIM Plugins for ArchiCAD

‘BIM’ a term that was initially mistaken as just a buzzword created by the AEC industry to attract investors, is soon proving to be the ace card that the industry primarily needed. It has helped construction processes to be more accurately planned out, with the designing, timing, construction, and cost, all the aspects being interdependent and hence being analysed and scheduled together through BIM with its increasing levels of dimensions, venturing into a new era of Building Construction.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the process of creating information models or data sets formed of graphical and non-graphical information in a shared digital space known as a Common Data Environment (CDE). This information builds in richness as the project stages progress until that complete data set is handed over to the Client and/or end user at completion.

What is Archicad?

Archicad is a BIM software tool that helps architects build the BIM model of the designed building as well as manage and exchange the information stored in BIM in flexible ways. Here are the top 10 Best BIM plugins for Archicad

BIM Plugins for Archicad

1. Archicad Connection plugin for Autodesk Revit

IFC Model Exchange with Archicad is a free plugin for Autodesk Revit. The plugin improves the IFC model-based and bi-directional data exchange between Graphisoft Archicad and Autodesk Revit.


Param-O helps you quickly create custom objects and building elements without writing a single line of code or script, they have a built-in parametric design tool that is available on both Windows and macOS.

3. Datasmith Exporter

With the Datasmith exporter plugin you can now easily convert and import your 3D scene directly into Unreal Engine 4, simplifying the entire optimization process in the CAD data pipeline.

4. Rhino – Grasshopper – Archicad Toolset

Designers have various options to connect Archicad’s professional BIM work environment with the modelling power of Rhino and Grasshopper.

5. Bluebeam Connection

Archicad’s Bluebeam Connection palette provides direct access to those features that are the most commonly used during the PDF review processes.

6. Cinema 4D

Sending the whole Archicad project to Cinema 4D, users can take the advantage of its animation and rendering capabilities to create animation or professional images.

7. MEP Modeler

The Graphisoft MEP Modele is an plugin to Archicad. Firms using Archicad can use the MEP Modeler to create and edit 3D model-based MEP networks (ductwork, pipework and cabling) and coordinate them within the Archicad Virtual Building. The MEP Modeler uses a familiar interface and tools integrated right in the Archicad environment.

8. Solibri Connection

The Archicad-Solibri Connection plugin provides fast and automated code- and constructability checking. The updated plugin automatically detects and sends only those elements that are changed in the Archicad model, resulting in faster round-trip collaboration. BCF-based issue reporting was introduced to this workflow, enabling designers to assign the detected issues or solve them later on.

9. Goodies

Goodies are free Add-Ons developed by Graphisoft to complete Archicad with specific abilities and features, such as 3D Studio In, Interior Wizard, Mesh to Roof Tool.

10. RFA & RVT Geometry Exchange

The RFA & RVT Geometry Exchange for Archicad enables Archicad users to import RFA (Revit Families) into their Archicad project as objects including doors and windows. It will also enable Archicad users to hotlink, import and export RVT geometry (Revit projects) in and out of Archicad.

These were the top bim plugins for archicad. What were yours? Drop in the comment box below.

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