Auroville Workshops 2021 | Archgyan

Auroville Workshops 2021 | Archgyan

Auroville was born with a vision to bring peace, harmony and self- sufficiency. The structures in Auroville are built with earth as their primary component for construction. The Auroville Earth Institute is a non profit organization that specialize in research, development, promotion and transfer of earth based building technologies. It was founded in the year […]

Earth and Bamboo Workshops in India | Archgyan

Earth and Bamboo Workshops in India | Archgyan

Architecture workshops bridge the gap between theory and practice. Most architects imbibe various construction techniques to design better. These organizations revive traditional practices and learn from local communities. Break Away From Mundane Practices and DIG DEEP! Earth based materials are acclimatized to architecture in India. The influence of modern techniques and materials from foreign lands […]

Journey towards a Multi-Skilled Designer & more with Newton D’Souza | AG 57

Journey towards a Multi-Skilled Designer & more with Newton D'Souza | AG 57 In this episode we have with us Architect & Professor Newton D’Souza who is presently an Associate Professor for the Department of Interior Architecture, at Florida International University in Miami. He’s been part of our industry for more than 20 years & written numerous research papers, special issue journals and books which have been […]

Digital Disruptions in the AEC Industry with Jose Oliveira | AG 56

Jose Oliveira | Archgyan In this episode we have with us the founder of DiRoots, Jose Oliveira. He is a BIM and Automation Strategist. DiRoots is a BIM digital consultancy firm based in UK and they specialize in the development of custom Autodesk, Bricsys, Bentley add-ins, web-based applications and much more. Some of their top products which they’ve […]

BIM Certification for Individuals for 2021 | Archgyan

BIM Certification For Individuals 2021 | Archgyan

Whether you’ve just entered the BIM space or you’ve been in the industry for long, a BIM certification accelerates your career and helps you gain a competitive edge over fellow professionals. There are plenty certifications offered by these organizations, so keep reading on to find the best certification in accordance to your level of expertise. […]

VR for the AEC Industry with Gautam Tewari | AG 55

Gautam Tewari | Archgyan In this episode we have with the co-founder of Trezi, Gautam Tewari. He is a LEED-accredited professional. Trezi is India’s first VR Platform for the Building Industry. It’s a product that is now solving the challenges faced by a large number of stakeholders in the Building industry, using immersive technology and the power of […]

Top Architectural Associations in India| Archgyan

Top Architectural Associations In India | Archgyan

Fresh out of college and wondering how to be part of the architectural fraternity? I’d like to begin with the WHY of it and then proceed to HOW, WHAT and WHEN for each. So read on to gain insight regarding the same. WHY? Joining a professional organization is critical in keeping abreast with the latest […]

Top Online Master’s Programs for Architects

Best Online Master's Program for Architects | Archgyan

It’s well known that our lives changed significantly due to the novel Covid 19 pandemic. The upside of it is the boom in online learning. Flexible educational needs are now met by Institutions that are providing accredited master programs online. The main concern for students planning to study abroad are the high fee structure and time […]

Top 7 Freelance Sites for Architects

Top Freelance sites for Architects Archgyan

Fed up of your 9-5 hour job, or want to be self employed or just finished B.Arch and looking for jobs? If you’re here then you are well aware of the countless benefits as a freelancer. Working from home is now common than ever. With all the skill set we possess as architects, it’s time […]