Top 7 Plugins For Revit

Top Plugins for Revit Archgyan

Revit has been replacing AutoCAD as the industry standard software all around the world. As the complexity of design increases, plugins have become more of a necessity in recent times. Enthusiastic computational designers are coming up with incredible user friendly plugins to make your modeling easier and more accurate. They tend to automate tasks, assist […]

Most Used Grasshopper Plugins for Architects

Most Used Grasshopper Plugins for Architects| Archgyan

As the built environment sector recognizes emerging technologies, computational design makes it possible to deliver on the design front. There’s an increasing demand for customized, modern and futuristic design and these tools pave the way. Parametric Design is based on algorithm thinking that uses constraints/parameters that define, encode the relationship between geometry and mathematical functions. […]

Top 6 Courses on Edx for Architects

Top COurses on Edx for Architects

Upskill by learning from the best instructors from Top universities Edx is one of the biggest university backed MOOC platform created by Harvard and MIT. It consists of various free courses and MOOCs from top universities around the world. You’ll be gaining insight from the best to say the least. 1. The Architectural Imagination This course […]

Top 6 Courses on Domestika for Architects

Top Courses on Domestika for Architects

Unleash your creativity with these awesome courses on Domestika. Domestika is the largest community for creatives. It contains high quality courses on various niches related to Design & Architecture. Most courses are taught in Spanish and by the best in the Industry. 1. Interior Design from Start to Finish Instructor : Students Enrolled : Learn […]

Architecture of Purpose with James Law | AG 54

James Law In this episode we have with us the founder of Cybertecture, James Law. Cybertecture is the design of all things for a more intelligent world through new pieces of architecture, interior space, artwork, technology, and strategy. He established James Law Cybertecture in 2001 and they’ve gone on to complete projects of various scales, some […]

Top 8 BIM Software for Architects

BIM Software for Architects

BIM is spearheading the architectural realm BIM is now widely used by Architects and engineers around the world to track various stages in the building’s lifecycle. It optimizes workflows and produces more accurate and precise models. Efficient communication through various fields , track various stages in the building’s lifecycle, from concept to construction and later […]

Content Creation in Architecture ft. Michael Lavalley AG | 53

Michael Lavalley AG|53 In this episode we have with us an Architect, Writer, Web Designer, teacher, podcaster and entrepreneur, Michael Lavalley.Mike is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and a LEED AP. He’s currently an architect and project manager at Young + Wright Architects and he specializes in Architectural Design, Detailing, Project Management, 3D […]

Computational Design Tools for Architects

Enter the world of Computational Design & Optimize your workflow! At this age and time Architects are developing their ideas using computer aided design systems much so then ever. Architects are now evolving and developing their designing methods with visual scripting tools to optimize their workflows and obtain more freedom in exploring new creative designs.  […]

Democratization of Design feat. Simon Gallagher | AG 52 In this episode we have with us one of the Directors of Integrated Design Limited, Simon Gallagher. Simon is an architectural technologist and digital project manager. His experience includes implementing BIM and leading digital international project teams on large, complex infrastructure projects for transport, building and waste management facilities. He’s also a Chartered Architectural […]