Mastering Project Management in Interior Design: Top Book Recommendations

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Project Management in Interior Design is a crucial skill for interior designers to effectively plan, execute, and complete their design projects. As the interior design industry continues to evolve, staying updated with the latest project management techniques and strategies is essential. One effective way to enhance your project management skills is by diving into insightful books written by experts in the field. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top books that can provide valuable insights and guidance for interior designers looking to excel in project management.

Elevate Your Interior Design Projects with Expert Project Management Insights: Project Management in Interior Design

  1. “The Interior Design Productivity Toolbox” by Phyllis Harbinger:

    Phyllis Harbinger’s book is a practical guide that offers valuable tools and techniques to enhance productivity in interior design projects. The book covers various aspects of project management, including time management, budgeting, and client communication. With a focus on streamlining workflows and maximizing efficiency, this book is a valuable resource for interior designers seeking to manage their projects more effectively.

  2. “Project Management for Design Professionals” by William Ramroth:

    William Ramroth’s book provides a comprehensive overview of project management principles tailored specifically for design professionals. It covers project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closing phases, offering real-world examples and case studies from the design industry. This book equips interior designers with the knowledge to handle projects of varying scales with confidence.

  3. “The Business of Design: Balancing Creativity and Profitability” by Keith Granet:

    While not solely focused on project management, Keith Granet’s book delves into the business aspects of interior design, which are closely intertwined with effective project management. It covers essential topics like project pricing, financial management, and client relationships. Interior designers will gain insights into maintaining a balance between creative pursuits and the financial success of their projects.

  4. “Time Management for Interior Designers: A Quick Guide to Balancing Your Life and Your Work” by Beverly Vosko:

    Time management is a critical skill for project managers, especially in the interior design field with its various tasks and responsibilities. Beverly Vosko’s book offers practical techniques for interior designers to manage their time efficiently, ensuring that projects stay on track and deadlines are met without compromising work-life balance.

  5. “Designing Commercial Interiors” by Christine M. Piotrowski:

    This book focuses on project management principles specifically tailored for commercial interior design projects. It covers topics such as space planning, materials selection, and working with clients and contractors. Christine M. Piotrowski’s insights help interior designers navigate the complexities of commercial projects while effectively managing their progress.


Effective project management is a cornerstone of successful interior design projects. The books mentioned in this blog post provide valuable insights, strategies, and techniques that can help interior designers enhance their project management skills. By learning from experts in the field and adopting proven methodologies, interior designers can confidently tackle projects of all scales while delivering outstanding results to their clients. As the interior design industry continues to evolve, staying well-versed in project management is a competitive advantage that sets designers apart in the ever-growing market.

In the dynamic world of interior design, mastering the art of project management is non-negotiable. The curated list of top books mentioned in this article serves as a gateway to refining your project planning, execution, and client collaboration. By absorbing the wisdom shared by industry experts, you’re not just enhancing your skills, but also elevating the value you bring to each project.

Remember, staying up-to-date with the latest project management techniques through these insightful reads will not only streamline your processes but also contribute to your growth as a well-rounded interior designer. So, dive into these recommended books and embark on a journey toward becoming a project management virtuoso in the realm of interior design.

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