Mastering ArchiCAD Keyboard Shortcuts: Turbocharge Design Efficiency

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ArchiCAD keyboard shortcuts 2023

ArchiCAD has long been a staple in the world of architectural design and 3D modeling. With each passing year, it continues to evolve and improve, offering architects and designers powerful tools to bring their visions to life. One of the most efficient ways to harness the capabilities of ArchiCAD is by mastering keyboard shortcuts. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for ArchiCAD in 2023 that will help you streamline your workflow and boost your productivity.

ArchiCAD keyboard shortcuts

The Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for ArchiCAD in 2023

1. Basic Navigation
  • P – Pan View: Quickly navigate through your project by panning the view with the ‘P’ key. It’s an essential shortcut for moving around your design.

  • Z – Zoom: Press ‘Z’ to zoom in on selected elements or the center of the screen. Use it in conjunction with the scroll wheel for precise control.

  • A – Fit in Window: Press ‘A’ to instantly fit your entire project within the current window, making it easier to get an overview of your design.

2. Selection and Editing
  • Ctrl + A – Select All: Select all elements within your current view with this shortcut, making it a breeze to work with complex models.

  • Ctrl + D – Deselect All: Clear your selection instantly with ‘Ctrl + D,’ a handy tool when you need a clean slate.

  • Ctrl + T – Trim Elements: Easily trim or extend elements to meet other elements with ‘Ctrl + T.’ It’s a valuable tool for precision editing.

3. Drawing and Drafting
  • L – Line Tool: Access the Line Tool quickly by pressing ‘L,’ enabling you to draw lines effortlessly.

  • R – Rectangle Tool: Draw rectangles with precision using the ‘R’ shortcut. It’s especially useful for creating building outlines.

  • C – Circle Tool: ‘C’ gives you immediate access to the Circle Tool, allowing you to create circular elements with ease.

4. Element Modification
  • M – Move: When selected, use ‘M’ to move elements around your project. A fundamental shortcut for arranging your design.

  • Ctrl + R – Rotate: Rotate selected elements using ‘Ctrl + R.’ It’s a versatile tool for adjusting the orientation of objects.

  • Ctrl + Shift + H – Mirror Horizontally: Mirroring elements horizontally can be achieved swiftly with this shortcut.

5. Views and Layouts
  • F2 – Floor Plan: Jump to the floor plan view instantly with ‘F2,’ a valuable shortcut when working with multiple levels.

  • F5 – 3D View: Switch to a 3D view by pressing ‘F5,’ giving you a dynamic perspective of your project.

  • Ctrl + F – Fit in Window (3D View): When in a 3D view, use ‘Ctrl + F’ to fit the entire model in the window.

6. Working with Layers
  • Shift + L – Layer Settings: Quickly access the Layer Settings dialog by pressing ‘Shift + L,’ allowing you to manage layers efficiently.

  • Ctrl + L – Layer Combinations: Control layer combinations effortlessly with ‘Ctrl + L,’ an essential shortcut for organizing your project.

7. File Management
  • Ctrl + N – New Project: Start a new project swiftly with ‘Ctrl + N,’ streamlining your workflow when moving between projects.

  • Ctrl + S – Save: Don’t forget to save your progress regularly with ‘Ctrl + S’ to prevent data loss.

  • Ctrl + O – Open Project: Access your existing projects by hitting ‘Ctrl + O’ and selecting the file you want to open.

8. Model and Object Attributes
  • Ctrl + M – Materials: Modify materials and their attributes by using ‘Ctrl + M.’ This shortcut is crucial for fine-tuning the appearance of your design.

  • Ctrl + I – Object Info: Get detailed information about selected objects with ‘Ctrl + I,’ helping you make informed decisions during the design process.

9. Annotation and Documentation
  • T – Text Tool: Access the Text Tool quickly with ‘T,’ allowing you to add annotations and labels to your project.

  • D – Dimension Tool: Add dimensions to your drawings effortlessly by pressing ‘D.’ It’s an essential shortcut for creating detailed documentation.

10. Collaboration and Sharing
  • Ctrl + Shift + E – Export: Export your ArchiCAD project to various formats using ‘Ctrl + Shift + E,’ making it easy to share your work with clients and collaborators.

  • Ctrl + Shift + I – Import: Import external files and resources into your ArchiCAD project with ‘Ctrl + Shift + I,’ facilitating collaboration with other software.


These keyboard shortcuts for ArchiCAD in 2023 will undoubtedly enhance your productivity and efficiency while working on architectural projects. Mastering these shortcuts will not only save you time but also help you create more accurate and visually stunning designs. So, start incorporating these shortcuts into your workflow and watch your ArchiCAD skills soar to new heights. Happy designing!

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