About Us

About Us

The Most Constructive
Architectural Podcast In India

Archgyan is a podcast that brings a selection of original interviews with architects, planners, and designers all across India & the world in the field of architecture.
By an architect, for architects in India, the podcast aims to serve as a well-stocked cellar of information for reference and inspiration that will help them stay informed, get creative new ideas and engage with the architecture community.  

Tune in for a weekly dose of interesting information, innovation and original research that comments on modern architecture and focuses on creating sustainable architecture worldwide.

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Meet Your Host

Hey there,

I’m the host of this show. Let me give you a brief background about myself. 

I’ve got a really long name and it goes as Manish Paul Simon. I completed my BArch from School of Planning & Architecture, Vijayawada. I have since worked in numerous firms, the last one being a multinational. I’m now spending time podcasting, freelancing, and picking up on some much needed skills to survive as an Architect these days.

I started this podcast with the sole intention of helping other fellow Architects & Architecture students to learn and grown in their career. I have learned so much from the very few episodes I have done and I plan to keep this going till the end of time (obviously someone else would be the host then).

Apart from the above activities, I’m a pro at TT & chess (almost). So if we ever cross paths, feel free to challenge me.

Also, if you’ve read till here and if you like the Archgyan podcast, it would be great if you could support us on PatreonThere’s some golden information and also great tips which I share only to my patreon supporters.