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Architecture workshops bridge the gap between theory and practice. Most architects imbibe various construction techniques to design better. These organizations revive traditional practices and learn from local communities. Earth building workshops are vital to developing a sustainable future and building with sustainable materials. 

Earth based materials are acclimatized to architecture in India. The influence of modern techniques and materials from foreign lands do not adapt to the climate & need of Indian states. Using earth-building techniques with a contemporary twist is a trend followed by many.

Explore top Earth Building Workshops below

1. Auroville Earth Institute

Auroville Earth Institute | Archgyan

Courtesy of Auroville Earth Insitute

Auroville Earth Institute is situated in Pondicherry. It is one of the world’s top centers for excellence in earthen architecture. They promote technology of raw and stabilized earth as a building material. AVEI has developed the AURAM equipment to produce CSEB. They specialize in earth-based building technologies, like building arches, domes, CSEB blocks, bamboo architecture and more.
For more head to Auroville Earth Institute.

2. Laurie Baker Centre

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Laurie Baker Centre for Habitat Studies is situated in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. They share knowledge on alternative techniques in architecture and construction of buildings. Techniques adopted are based on green habitat, affordability & environment friendly. These techniques include the use of mud, bricks, bamboo, recycled building materials and much more. 
For more head to Laurie Baker Centre.

3. Dharmalaya Institute

Dharmalaya Institute | Archgyan

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Dharmalaya Institute for compassionate living is situated in Bir, Himachal Pradesh. It is set on the principles of Didi Contractor. She’s known to work with neo-traditional techniques adapted from the Kangra region. Focuses mainly on adobe techniques, mud plasters and other natural building methods.
For more head to Dharmalaya Institute for Compassionate Living

4. Made In Earth

Made in Earth Studio | Archgyan

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Made in earth studio is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Promotes sustainable and building practices for all. Imparts knowledge on the use of clay and lime primarily in buildings. Conduct workshops on various techniques such as adobe, wattle& daub, rammed earth and more. Known for creating their own natural plasters. 
For more head to 
Made in Earth.

5. Kaarwan

Kaarwan | Archgyan

Courtesy of kaarwan

Kaarwan aims to educate professionals on core issues faced by the nation. Through travel, they detect a problem and adapat a hands-on solution on site. They also offer affordable courses to upgrade one’s skillset in architecture and design.
For more head to Kaarwan.

6. Hunnarshala Foundation

Courtesy of Hunnarshala Foundation

Hunnarshala Foundation is located in Bhuj, Kutch. Promotes eco-friendly building technologies with the active involvement of local communitites for their upliftment and empowerment. They specialize in CSEB, adobe, rammed earth, mud concrete, mud & lime plaster, colored oxidize cement flooring and much more. They are known for disaster reconstruction and low cost building designs.
For more head to 
Hunnarshala Foundation.

7. Zynorique

Zynorique | Archgyan

Courtesy of Zynorique

Zynorique is located in Kohima, Nagaland. Richard Belho, the founder is well known for his expertise in Bamboo. He believes in minimizing the negative environmental impact of buildings by moderation in the use of materials, energy and development space. He explores various construction techniques with bamboo as well as unique joinery details. 
For more head to 


Earth is used as a primary component in the construction of buildings in India. These techniques attract people all around the world. The above workshops are hands-on and earth based, so get ready to nourish your hands and feet with soil. Definitely a messy affair you’d want to indulge in!

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