Dholera Special Investment Region Unveiled: Empowering Growth

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Unlocking the Potential: Dholera Special Investment Region, Gujarat

Nestled in the heart of Gujarat, the Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) stands as a testament to India’s vision for sustainable industrial development. This greenfield industrial planned city, situated approximately 100 kilometers southwest of Ahmedabad, spans over 920 square kilometers. DSIR is a collaborative endeavor between the Government of India and the state of Gujarat, strategically positioned to capitalize on the proposed Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), a visionary initiative of both the Indian and Japanese governments.

The Genesis of DSIR

Dholera Special Investment Region
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The journey of DSIR began in 2013 when the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, announced this ambitious project. To provide a legal framework for its development, the Government of Gujarat enacted the Special Investment Region Act in 2009. This landmark legislation paved the way for the creation of a regional development authority responsible for DSIR’s planning and development.

The Dholera Special Investment Region Development Authority (DSIRDA) was entrusted with the responsibility of managing government-owned land within DSIR, as well as formulating and executing its development plans. To facilitate this monumental task, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) named Dholera Industrial City Development Limited (DICDL) was established in 2016, jointly owned by the Central Government (NICDC Trust) and the State Government (DSIRDA) of Gujarat.

Designing the Blueprint

Design and Planning Counsel Private Limited (DPC) in Ahmedabad played a pivotal role in shaping DSIR’s future. Through meticulous planning and consultation with various stakeholders, they prepared the Development Plan for DSIRDA. The initial concept plan, developed by Halcrow and DPC, underwent rigorous scrutiny and enhancements through satellite imagery, site verification, and the creation of base maps. The result was a comprehensive land-use and road network plan, coupled with development control regulations and trunk infrastructure designs.

Town Planning Scheme No.5 and No.6, covering substantial areas and multiple villages, were crafted to implement the overarching Development Plan of DSIR. These schemes aimed to allocate plots to the authority, enabling them to generate resources for essential public infrastructure to support industrial growth.

Milestones and Projects

DSIR has witnessed remarkable progress over the years, with several noteworthy projects on the horizon:

  1. Ultra-Mega Solar Park:

    DSIR is set to become a renewable energy hub with a 4400 MW capacity Ultra-Mega Solar Park. Phase-1, with 1000 MW, is already in implementation, and Tata Power has commissioned 300 MW.

  2. Ahmedabad-Dholera Expressway:

    This 109 km expressway, currently under construction, promises seamless connectivity and accessibility to DSIR.

  3. Bhimnath-Dholera Freight Rail Network:

    A proposed railway line from Bhimnath to Dholera will enhance logistics and transportation.

  4. New Dholera International Airport:

    This greenfield airport project near Navagam will boost connectivity and facilitate international trade.

  5. International Interest:

    The recent visit of South Korean firms signifies growing global interest in DSIR. The region’s plug-and-play infrastructure is set to attract both national and international investments.

  6. Semiconductor and Display Fab:

    The Vedanta Group’s proposal to set up a semiconductor and display fab in DSIR, with a $5 billion investment for the first phase, highlights the region’s technological potential.

  7. 5-Star Hotel:

    The government’s allocation of a 12,095 square meter plot for the first 5-star hotel in the region signals its commitment to fostering tourism and hospitality.

A Bright Future Ahead

Dholera Special Investment Region, Gujarat, is poised for a prosperous future. With a strong legal framework, robust infrastructure development, and a slew of investment opportunities, it is emerging as a beacon of industrial growth and innovation. As DSIR continues to evolve, it is set to contribute significantly to the economic landscape of not only Gujarat but the entire nation, making it a symbol of India’s industrial prowess and ambition.

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