Architecture Firms in Calgary: Elevate Your Vision

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Architecture Firms in Calgary: A Deep Dive into the City’s Top Design Firms

Architecture Firms in Calgary

Calgary, a city where modernity seamlessly blends with natural beauty, boasts a vibrant architectural scene. Home to a plethora of innovative design firms, each contributing its unique touch to the urban fabric, Calgary stands as a testament to the creative prowess of its architectural community. Let’s explore some of the leading architecture firms that have left an indelible mark on the cityscape.

Crafting Tomorrow’s Skylines: Dive into Calgary’s Premier Architectural Landscape

1. Sturgess Architecture: Celebrating Excellence in Calgary and Vancouver

Setting the stage for our architectural journey is Sturgess Architecture, an award-winning firm celebrated for its contributions to both Calgary and Vancouver. With a portfolio that mirrors their commitment to excellence, Sturgess Architecture has carved a niche in the industry. Visit their website at to witness their transformative designs.

2. Frank Architecture And Interiors: Fuelled by Imagination, Crafting Memorable Spaces

Fuelled by imagination, Frank Architecture And Interiors takes the second spot on our list. This full-service firm is not only award-winning but also dedicated to creating memorable spaces. From residential to commercial and hospitality design, their expertise spans diverse domains. Discover their portfolio at

3. Gravity Architecture Corporation: Elevating Calgary’s Residential Landscape

Elevating Calgary’s architectural landscape is Gravity Architecture Corporation, a residential-focused firm that excels in mixed-use and multi-family projects. Their commitment to contextual development is evident in both site conditions and stakeholder engagement. Explore their projects at

4. Kasian Architecture, Interior Design and Planning: Comprehensive Expertise Across Sectors

Taking a comprehensive approach, Kasian Architecture is a full-service firm specializing in architecture, interior design, and planning. Their expertise spans various sectors, including commercial, education, healthcare, and hospitality. Immerse yourself in their diverse projects at

5. Steven Ho Architecture Incorporated: Timeless Design Across Residential and Commercial Spaces

For a blend of residential, commercial, and institutional design expertise, look no further than Steven Ho Architecture Incorporated. This full-service firm, occupying the fifth spot on our list, showcases a commitment to crafting spaces that stand the test of time. Delve into their work at

6. Merchant Architecture Inc: Personalized Solutions in Custom Residential Design

Securing the sixth spot is Merchant Architecture Inc, a Calgary-based firm specializing in custom residential design. Their services, spanning new home design, renovations, and interior design, reflect a dedication to personalized and aesthetically pleasing solutions. Visit for more.

7. Ellergodt Design: Calgary’s Source for Custom Residential Brilliance

Nestled in Calgary, Ellergodt Design takes the seventh spot on our list, specializing in custom residential design. From new home design to renovations and interior design, they offer a comprehensive suite of services. Immerse yourself in their creative process at

8. Fort Architecture: Excellence in Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Projects

Standing tall at the eighth position is Fort Architecture, a full-service firm with expertise in residential, commercial, and institutional projects. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their approach to architecture, interior design, and project management. Explore their work at

9. Lola Architecture: Versatile Design Expertise Across Sectors

Occupying the ninth spot is Lola Architecture, a versatile firm offering services in architecture, interior design, and planning. Their expertise spans across commercial, education, healthcare, and hospitality sectors. Uncover their diverse portfolio at

10. Systemic Architecture Inc.: Shaping Calgary’s Landscape Through Comprehensive Services

Rounding off our exploration is Systemic Architecture Inc., a firm providing a range of services encompassing architecture, interior design, and project management. Their specialization in residential, commercial, and institutional projects adds depth to Calgary’s architectural tapestry. Explore more at Design | Calgary | Systemic Architecture Inc. (


Calgary’s architectural landscape is a canvas painted with innovation, creativity, and a commitment to shaping spaces that reflect the city’s dynamic spirit. As we traverse through the portfolios of these top firms, it becomes evident that Calgary’s architectural future is in capable hands.

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