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If you’re interested in podcasting and want to start a podcast of your own, then look no further. I have compiled a list of products that I have used to get started with podcasting. Right from the recording gear to the softwares I use and lots more. 

Recording Devices

The Zoom H4N 

The Zoom H4N is my go to recording device when I record my podcast episodes. Not only does it allow me to record high quality audio but I also get to plug-in two mics thanks to the two XLR inputs.

If you can’t afford the Zoom H4N, start with the

Zoom H1N

It is very handy and has an internal mic.

Podcasting Microphones

Talking about Mics, the mics that I use are as follows

The ATR 2100 – A USB Microphone

This is the Mic that got me into podcasting. From Airbnb Tales (the very first podcast of mine) to the first few episodes of Archgyan, this microphone helped me jumpstart my podcasting journey. I would highly recommend this to all beginner podcasters. You don’t even need the above recording devices. This mic will suffice!
The reason I got the Zoom H4N and this microphone was for me to get into the field and record while on the go. It helps me set-up my stuff easily and record high quality audio, despite not being in the studio (which is my house). 

Video Equipment

Videos are great for behind the scenes footage, documenting your podcasting journey, and more. Here’s the gear I use to record videos and what I plan to buy in the future

Canon 550D – This baby has been with me ever since Architecture school (in 2012). And it still works great and records high quality video content. This camera is unfortunately not available in the market. But you could go for its upgraded version which is
Canon EOS 750D

Oneplus 7pro  – I use my phone to record Instagram Stories & more. 

Logitech Webcam C270 – For recording my skype interviews and it works just perfect.
Digitek DTR 550 LW Professional Tripod – A great sturdy tripod and gets the job done for you!

Web Hosting Service

It’s a good idea to have a website when you run a podcast. You get to control how you will monetise your podcast and also helps connect better with your listeners.

Here are the Web Hosting Services I use:


Podcast Hosting

This is where you will upload your podcast episodes (the mp3s & the WAV file formats). It is essential to your podcasting journey and here are the three ways you can get started: – This is the best way to start your podcast. They do the distribution of your podcast to all major podcast platforms like itunes, spotify, stitcher, etc. and the best part is that it is FREE!

Libsyn – This is a premium podcast hosting service. They have a lot of valuable features and the best podcasts in the world host through libsyn.

Audioboom – The Archgyan Podcast show is hosted by Audioboom. They’re also a great podcast hosting company and the best feature they have is their stats, wherein you get to track where most of your listeners come from, the number of listens per episode and so on.

Soundcloud – This is where I began my podcasting journey with soundcloud. And yes! it is free again like anchor. You will get an RSS feed which you can go and distribute individually to platforms such as itunes, castbox, stitcher, spotify and so on.


Podcast Recording/Editing Software

This is where all the magic happens from editing your podcast, to adding your intros & outros, to removing background noise, the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is the key to your podcasting journey. 

Audacity – This is the free editing DAW that gives you the full package. It is best for those starting out.

Adobe Audition – You can get the Adobe audition once you scale up your podcast and when you want to produce high quality audio content. 


Online Calling & Recording Software 

 If your guest is overseas and you can’t really afford to travel there. Then don’t sweat because Skype is here for the rescue.
But if you want record skype calls, then I would suggest buying the

Talkhelper (PC) 

Both apps record any skype call, both audio & video.

Podcast Music & Sound Effects

It is essential to keep your listener engaged. And what better way to do that than to have some cool groovy music in your intro & outro of your podcast. Plus, all the cool sound effects you can add. But the good stuff comes with a price,  here’s where to find it – 

Your actual work starts when you have to promote and grow your podcast. And there’s no better way to do it than Social Media.

InstagramThese days all podcast shows are setting up a Instagram page where they document not only every episode, but also behind the scenes through Instagram stories and more. So make sure you’ve got a IG page for your show.

Email Newsletters – This age-old way of marketing is still considered the best way to broadcast your blog or podcast. And an Email subscriber base will easily help you sell your courses & more.

Mailchimp – Mailchimp is a great Email subscription tool for fresh podcasters. It is free upto 2000 emails and they have relatively cheap pricing plans when compared to other Email services.


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