Digital Disruptions in the AEC Industry with Jose Oliveira | AG 56

In this episode we have with us the founder of DiRoots, Jose Oliveira. He is a BIM and Automation Strategist.

DiRoots is a BIM digital consultancy firm based in UK and they specialize in the development of custom Autodesk, Bricsys, Bentley add-ins, web-based applications and much more. Some of their top products which they’ve created are the SheetLink plugin for Revit which helps in import/export of Revit data. FamilyReviser which helps in managing of Revit Families, DiRoots Dynamo package which includes useful tools to automate monotonous Revit tasks and also a free Dynamo Course for Beginners (link below).

Jose is a graduate from the University of Salford where he did his MSc. in BIM and Integrated Design. He has more than 10 years of continuous experience in the AEC and manufacturing industries. He is also known for his creative, unconventional ideas and vision of the Industry’s future.

In this episode he talks about his journey into BIM, custom software development process, creation of various plug-ins for Revit, how DiRoots has leveraged machine learning & AI and a whole lot more.

Podcast Shownotes

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:03:10 – How he got into BIM?
00:04:52 – Getting into the BIM Space despite being in a different background
00:06:55 – About DiRoots and the skillsets he picked up on
00:13:19 – Process of creating a plugin
00:16:09 – Example of what a plugin does?
00:19:12 – Point cloud automation-scan to BIM
00:24:43 – Autodesk Monopoly & Expanding creation of plugins apart from Revit
00:28:09 – Shift to Web based applications
00:31:10 – Transition to remote working
00:32:22 – Tools used for data management
00:33:46 – Implementation of AI & ML into DiRoots
00:36:58 – Future of BIM
00:41:53 – Startup in the AEC Industry
00:44:21 – Tech unicorns getting into the AEC Industry leading to design automation
00:46:14 – Future Goals
00:47:56 – Reason behind starting DiRoots
00:50:16 – Challenges of running a firm
00:52:40 – Burnouts
00:53:44 – Mentors in Life
00:55:28 – Daily Routine
00:56:52 – Travel
00:57:45 – Fitness
00:58:04 – Books that inspired him
00:59:47 – Advice for people who want to get into the AEC Industry
01:00:57 – Thank you

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