Democratization of Design feat. Simon Gallagher | AG 52

In this episode we have with us one of the Directors of Integrated Design Limited, Simon Gallagher.

Simon is an architectural technologist and digital project manager. His experience includes implementing BIM and leading digital international project teams on large, complex infrastructure projects for transport, building and waste management facilities. He’s also a Chartered Architectural Technologist (MCIAT) since September 2012, a professional member of the Hong Kong Institute of BIM, and a CIC Certified BIM Manager since February 2020.

In this episode Simon talks about his experience as an architect from Hong Kong. He shares with us his transition between different roles and how he ended up being a director at his firm. Hailing from Hong Kong, he very briefly discusses about the pandemic as well as its impact on the future. He also talks about the housing problem in Hong Kong and how it can be solved.

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Podcast Shownotes

00:00:00 Intro 
00:02:49 How he got into Architecture? 
00:11:12 Working as a solo architect 
00:20:38 Pick up on all the skills 
00:27:30 On Sketchup
00:30:01 Transition between the different roles in architecture 
00:38:32 Move to Hong Kong 
00:45:34 How did you become a director 
00:49:36 what are the projects your firm works on? 
00:55:50 What are the standards that you follow? 
01:16:22 Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
01:20:18 Investing in architecture post COVID-19 
01:22:35 Solution to housing problem in Hong Kong 
01:30:04 Book that inspired you the most 
01:30:52 What’s on your playlist? 
01:31:26 Favorite city 
01:31:46 Mentor in your life 
01:33:04 Daily routine 
01:35:39 Advice for young architects 
01:41:37:11 Thank you

Notable Mentions

Feersum Endjinn novel by Iain Banks, Mentored by Brendan McFarlane

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